Course Closed for Stafford Lake Open September 17 and 18

posted Sep 13, 2016, 7:44 AM by Stafford Lake

The annual Stafford Lake Open is Saturday the 17th and 18th.  As a result, the course is closed to the public.

If you want to play, there are a few open spots still available.

Park Closes at 7 PM Now !!!

posted Sep 13, 2016, 7:42 AM by Stafford Lake

Fall closing time is now 7PM.

Park Closes at 8, Thursday Weekly Starts at 4PM !

posted Jun 2, 2016, 5:46 AM by Jackson Ratcliffe

The park Closes at 8 so the Thursday Weekly Starts at 4PM !

2016 Stafford Bag Tag

posted Feb 25, 2016, 9:24 AM by Jackson Ratcliffe

We had a spectacular day for the 2016 Stafford Bag Tag Challenge. The weather was perfect, the course was LOOONNNGGG, and the only people who complained were complaining about how much they sucked !

Matt Neiman won the #1 tag with an impressive 73, which on the 24 hole layout was a +1 over 'Stafford Par'.  Given how we played almost all of the long tees and how most of the holes were in long, and it was windy, that's a very solid round.

For the author of this post, the highlight was watching Mike Peremba, who won the #2 tag, park #14.  From the big tee to the D location, that's over 700 feet, and he put it to 15 feet, and made the putt.

We had 40 players in total, and have so far raised $300 for the new tee sign project.

2016 Ice Bowl Results

posted Feb 14, 2016, 10:08 AM by Jackson Ratcliffe

Men's Open

Dallas Albright 72 won in playoff
Josh Taylor 72
Josh Cook 75 won in playoff
Steve Schroeder 75
John Child 76
James Thomas 78
Patrick Wood 80
Jacob Tupper 82
Richard Bautista 82
Scott Badovick 83
Larry Smith 83
Brad Cameron 84
Josh Goates 88
Dan Hardeman 89
Matt Adams 99

Women's Open

Claire Nyholm 93
Bethany LaSala 100

Open Master's

Kevin Throop 75
Sean Jack 78
Roger Cansler 80 won playoff
Tom Z 80
Matty Angell 80
Kevin Parkhurst 81
Jackson Ratcliffe 81
Tristan Kolkhorst 91
Greg Tompkins 91
Chris Sweet DNF
Evan Sjostrom DNF

AM 1

Daniel Burroughs 79
Dan Santini 80 won playoff for 2nd
Anthony Omalley 80 won playoff for 3rd
Robert Brackett 80
Jacob Sanderson 80
Vicente Sauceda 81
Brian Caudle 82
Rich Lopez 85
Levi Fagundes 86
Kyle Gray 90

AM 2

Steven Byers 80
Randy Perry 82
Jimmy Sturgis 84 won in playoff
Josh Babiak 84
Daniel Lesinski 88
Justin Berry 88
Nick Cahill 93
Justin Johnson 93
Jeffrey Gehringer 96
Eric Roth 98
Jeremy Quick 101

AM Master's

Bill Christmas 79
Matt Rowe 84
John Pariury 89
Moon Johnson 94

AM Grandmaster's

Dave Rawson 83
Scott Mathewson 85
Jon Toby 86
Chris Butterworth 87
Ed Levine 89
Mike Wisely 90


David Becktol 95
Michael Benson 98 won in playoff
Aaron Kirby 98
Matthew Wilson 99
John Mendoza 104

2016 Ice Bowl

posted Dec 29, 2015, 10:34 AM by Stafford Lake

We are having an Ice Bowl again this year.   For all the details, go here:

Tuesday Cali Rounds

posted Dec 29, 2015, 10:26 AM by Jackson Ratcliffe

Stafford now has 3 weeklies !

2015 Turkey Shoot Results

posted Nov 29, 2015, 7:47 AM by Jackson Ratcliffe   [ updated Nov 29, 2015, 8:08 AM ]

e had a perfect day and both courses lived up to our expectations for Stafford.  The layout for the big course was pretty close to perfect with only 3 sub-50 scores, yet everyone finished in time. 

One of the fun parts of the tournament was temp course, which has huge potential but never quite lives up to our expectations.  The good news is that Russ created a new routing and other than the 1st hole, the holes themselves were all very solid with some exceptional shots near the lake.  Next year's temp course will only be better.

As for the competition, Team Innova (Patrick Brown & Drew Gibson) completed the three-peat with an impressive -14 (-7 for both rounds).  They didn't win the hot round on either course, but their consistency gave them the win.  In one of the great ironies of life, Gus (Bob and James Proctor), would have won if they had managed to avoid getting an 8 on the 200 foot long #6.  Yes, they got an 8 on a 200 foot hole.  The irony is that James Proctor volunteered on Friday to help setup that hole and had more practice shots on it than anyone.  Lesson learned - life is cruel.

In Mixed, The Redwood Coasters (Christopher Watson & Kelly Muth) played a great 2nd round for the win, and with their -7 total, would have won the AM and the OLD divisions as well !  Great playing Redwood Coasters.

In Old, Old and In the Way (David Rawson & Jackson Ratcliffe) ran away from the field, winning by 10 with -5.  For a change, neither partner complained about the performance of the other.

In AM The Ace Holes (Marco Benites & Luke Walton) won the playoff with Between the Basket and Me (Armando Enseat & Alex "Don Chaldo" Torres) .

The hot round on the main course was a 45 by Gus ( Bob Proctor & James Proctor).

The hot round on the temp course was a -8 by Grandmas Boys (Tupper & Bitney)

For all the details, here is the Google spreadsheet and the bottom has the division breakdowns.

Turkey Shoot 1st Round Starting Holes

posted Nov 25, 2015, 4:33 AM by Stafford Lake   [ updated Nov 26, 2015, 10:12 AM by Jackson Ratcliffe ]

For those of you who like to be in the know, here are the starting hole assignments for the 1st round.

DivisionTeam NameTeam Members1st Round Course1st Round Start Hole
ProGusBob proctor, james proctorMain1
ProTeam InnovaPatrick Brown & Drew GibsonMain1
ProGrandmas BoysTupper BitneyMain2
ProThe BullshizbeezJosh Yocum and Khyber EastonMain2
ProThe MendufosRoger Cansler & Justin WilsonMain3
ProAce BandagesBobby Hoellwarth and Elle HeiligMain3
ProThe Gravy ChainsJon Braidman and Steve WillisMain4
ProSlob On My KnobDale Gatlin/ Mike PerembaMain4
ProTBDJake Schultz, Josh CookMain5
ProNapa's FinestRob Frias/ Geoff KegleyMain5
ProWhat's my rating?Matt Throop, Oren BameMain6
ProTugLifeWes Morrison & Dylan EvansMain6
ProReverse BaggersKevin Eckert + Foulad AlbadehMain7
ProDouble D's in your faceDanny Kerfeld, David LackeyMain7
ProThe Salty DogsConor Cole and Chad AlbrechtMain8
ProBreazealian ToddlersGreg Breazeale Todd kurnatMain8
Oldcome on manKevin Parkhurst and Bill ChristmasMain9
OldOld and In the WayJackson Ratcliffe and Dave RawsonMain9
OldThe SSScott Snyder & John SchmidtMain10
OldScotch & SodaEd & ScottMain10
OldBlistersStew Levy/Sam HudsonMain11
OldMalo ZTom Zarraonandia David MalolepzyMain11
OldDirk's DigglerDave Rooney and KirkMain12
Oldnothing but the gravyJon Toby / Jabir PonceMain12
Mixedmlay NevadaMike Imlay, Jenn MorganMain13
MixedHous Bin PharteenRandy Perry & Bethany LaSalaMain14
MixedBogeytown, USASean & Elena JackMain14
MixedTurduckenDeanna Chan and Ernesto RogersMain15
MixedThe Flying GibbousNate Genthner Nicole BradleyMain15
MixedChain SmokersJoe Akhavan Leah FeltenstieinMain16
MixedFlyin' LynxCaleb Gribi and Camille SkweirMain16
MixedNice TouchDoug and Nicole JensenMain17
MixedMixed BaggersMatt Angell, Valerie St LouisMain17
MixedRedwood CoastersChristopher Watson and Kelly MuthMain18
MixedThe Normal NeighborsAnne Farrell and Les SwiftMain18
AMBaby Come BackCarl Miller & Nick NoreñaTemp1
AMkiss my aceRich lopez, brent mccoyTemp1
AMB&BBen Peterson Jeff BeanTemp2
AMSplash BrothersJuan bernal, Travis jamesTemp2
AMDuece BagsLupes Lopez Seth GrellTemp3
AMFeel the BernJason whitleyTemp3
AMThe Debolt ShowMike Debolt & Jerry ShowmanTemp4
AMThe Ace HolesMarco Benites and Luke WaltonTemp4
AMTeam HardUndesDan Hardeman/Levi FagundesTemp5
AMContinental BreakfastAnthony Raygoza Jordan MoiranoTemp5
AMBoston's MojoeJoseph Harrigan. Boston AbbinetTemp6
AMDeez NutsDerek Fahrenfeld and David MangonTemp6
AMHyzer CriminalzFrank Villas, Andrew PasekaTemp7
AMI'm hella highAnthony Jaussaud, Andy SomersTemp7
AMHammer TimeMike & Greg GranissTemp8
AMTHE GREG'SGregg LaComb Greg RandolphTemp8
AMYou will make this putt jackassRyan Dickson and Kyle GachesTemp9
AMCitizen ChainDavid Falzone, Eric RamirezTemp9
AMPaper or Plastic?Mr. Santa Cruz & The DanishTemp10
AMGinger SnapsJosh Goesch, Allan AdairTemp10
AMDirtbagsRoss Hammond/Peter BlackTemp11
AMTeam MendonomaDerrick Robbings & Kevin ThroopTemp11
AMdango Moist cheeseburgersjohn whalen. Devin whiteTemp12
AMOne 2nd, came lastAndy Leaf & Matt BrennerTemp12
AMI Pitch, He CatchesCurtis Bauer, Nate SchustackTemp13
AMPutt PiratesBeau Griffin Booth burrowsTemp13
AMPhil's Lawn WranglersPatrick Mortonson, Michael CourvoisierTemp14
AMBay Area BaggersChris Isom & Roger CrainTemp14
AMToddamus & The Old CrowMatt Rowe & ?Temp15
AMBetween the Basket and MeArmando Enseñat & Alex "Don Chaldo" TorresTemp15
AMHestermangsBryan and Aaron HestermanTemp16
AMJesus is My HyzerJonathan Ogan, Zachary Looper-FriedmanTemp16
AMTeam TryptophanMark Tennyson Andrew HughesTemp17
AMSneaky NinjaJacob Sanderson and Ben CobbTemp17
AMThe Corsican BrothersLeif"Putting down his PUTTS" Ludwig Brian "BUBBA" DennTemp18
AMTeam Riblet.Brad Cameron & Josh SommersTemp18

Turkey Shoot Payouts

posted Nov 20, 2015, 7:45 AM by Jackson Ratcliffe   [ updated Nov 26, 2015, 10:30 AM ]

For those of you focused on the cash, and not the glory of competition, here is the payout grid for the Turkey Shoot.  

Entrance Fee$100$100$80$80
Number of Teams1681236
Division Pay In$1,549$774$929$2,786
Division Costs$417$208$313$938
Division Payout$1,132$566$616$1,848

1-10 of 135