Sunk Ships Report

This utility prepares a text file report of ships sunk suitable for attaching to an AAR. It takes as input a CSV file created by Tracker. 

When in Tracker:
File > Export CSV > Data to Export = Sunk Ships > click on the Export button.

Then, run this program (double click on it). Click the "Browse for Input File" button to select the input file (the CSV file you just created). Click the "Select Output File" button to specify the name of the output file. Click on the "Proceed" button to make the output file. 

The text file created is best viewed (or edited) with the window of whatever you view it in maximized because the report is fairly wide (about 140 characters).

While for most AE games the sunk ships report is too long to embed in an AAR post on Matrix Games forums, you can attach the report to the AAR post and it can then be viewed simply by clicking on it.

This program is written in Python, and requires that Python be installed.

The download link is below. Click on the down-arrow on the right-hand side.
George Gillan,
Jan 31, 2013, 11:49 AM