Welcome to my Journey

Come, create knowledge
join me as we learn, share, grow:
exciting journey!

Alaska is a land of journeys.  We watch the cycles of migration from our back porches.  Salmon rush upstream, caribou cross the stream, small bear cubs are whisked downstream after a misjudged step.  Ask half of the state's population, "What brought you to Alaska?" and undoubtedly they will recount hopes, dreams and travels. 

Education too should be a journey; the question comes then, is this Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education the first step or the final step in my journey?

Figure 1.  Robanne Stading

This online portfolio details my path to the M.Ed ECE at the University of Alaska Southeast.  It contains assertions, reflections and a variety of artifacts to support my candidacy for the degree.  Throughout my program -- a decade of studies -- I focused on the Alaska Standards for Teachers as the organizational tool for my work.  Artifacts are therefore identified by the Alaska Standard addressed, and then further categorized under standards from the National Association for the Education of Young Children.  Children's names have been changed or abbreviated throughout this very public work to protect privacy.

Be assured, this is the first step of my journey of continuous improvement in the field of Early Childhood Education.  It has in fact been a "giant step" in the Mother-May-I game of life.  I anticipate this continued journey through learning, knowledge, intelligence and development, both for myself and my children, my students and their parents, my colleagues and their experiences.