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ABOUT STACY SIMS - Movement Specialist

“In my late 30’s I had hit the bottom of the wellness scale. I was entering middle age as an alcoholic woman with a serious panic disorder. Luckily I entered into a 12 Step Program and never looked back. I also walked into a Pilates studio within the same week. And thus began my journey of reconnecting mind and body through mindful movement.”

Stacy Sims founded Pendleton Pilates in 2001. By the time she sold the studios in 2010, the studio system was four studios, more than a hundred weekly classes, and thousands of clients strong. Her Teacher Training program was one of the region’s strongest education systems and she was nationally recognized as a movement educator, writer and entrepreneur. Most recently, Sims was featured in a series of educational podcasts for Balanced Body. She has written for and been featured in Pilates Style Magazine, Fitness Management Magazine and Balanced Body.

Sims has also studied yoga since 2001 and practiced in the U.S., Cuba and Paris.

She has been studying dance since 2008 and dances wherever and whenever she can. She embarked on a special year of dance for her 50th Birthday called “The Year I Danced.”



In August of 2010 Stacy sold Pendleton Pilates and embarked on a year of dance and contemplation. She took a year to study movement, practicing for a month in LA with clients, for a week with trauma survivors in Cambodia, and in small group and private practice in Ohio. She is also the founder of the non-profit True Body Project. Here is what she found:

“I am a Pilates educator, a yoga student, and have studied dance informally for several years and in a more directed effort in the past year. When I owned Pendleton Pilates, I was working with people to move them into a group Pilates program. But now, a year later, I am realizing that almost regardless of my client’s movement practices, I see that most all bodies are deficit and imbalanced in many of the exact same ways.

“Whether a long-term Pilates client, yogi, a runner, a dancer, or someone who hasn’t exercised at all or is recovering from injury, whether there is trauma from an injury or emotional event, I end up working with my clients to understand 7-10 key concepts of alignment and stability. I am working  in a much more subtle and effective way to understand and embody basic principles rather than moving quickly into a series of pre-planned exercises that they may bring all their old body habits to.

“True Movement is a highly personal study of how a well body is organized for strength, agility, peace of mind and flexibility and what a body looks like and feels like when dysfunction begins to occur. I feel like most of our fitness endeavors are designed to create a sense of well being and, perhaps, a particular shape of the body but that these things often have little to do with actual wellness and function.

“I want to help people train their eye to see what the body is saying. I want to share a Movement Course that can be taught to virtually anyone AND to have extremely positive results. 

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Check out Stacy's True Movement Certification Series

Work with Stacy privately, in a studio of your choice or at your home. Learn about how to rebalance your musculature for ideal alignment, strength and agility.

Sims also is a specialist in alignment for injury rehab, pelvic floor issues, anxiety, addiction, and trauma.

$60 per hour. Includes specialized movement plan. Discount on packages.

Movement plus! Find out if your body is in alignment with your goals. What does your posture have to do with success? By using True Body techniques, Stacy will help you create a mind/body wellness plan to achieve your dreams. Do you find you want to change and you keep ending up doing the same things? Let Stacy help free you from neuro-muscular habits that may be keeping you stuck.

$75 per hour. $60 per hour for three-session package. Includes specialized movement plan.


Stacy was selected by Balanced Body to be featured in a series of educational podcasts. You can view the entire series HERE or by viewing a sampling of them below.