I am a writer. I am a mover. I am a connector.

To me, these things are perfectly related. They are the things that moved me out of unwellness into wellness. They are the things that allow me to create, connect, collaborate and inspire.

My work falls into these categories:

- Writing. Novels, Plays and sometimes commercial stuff. See my freelance website for that.

- Mind-body educator. Movement, mindfulness, alignment, trauma are my specialities. I love working with individuals, groups and have been spending more time working with clinical and direct care staffs on self care and understanding how stress and trauma habituate in the body.

- Creative collaborations and residencies. In October 2015, I'm writing/directing a team of actors on a project called RETRACED to explore the work of artist Titus Kaphar at the Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati. 

I hope you enjoy this portal to discover how to work with me and/or to find your own voice. Just think. What a magnificent, abundant world it is to have conspired to connect us, right here, right now.

Stacy Sims

p.s. Check out my newest project City Silence! It's an international network of mindfulness gatherings. Join the stillness movement. 

Stacy at TEDx: Freedom Comes in Movement

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