Stacy Larmore

Before having 2 wonderful children, I worked as a
Post-Closer at a major mortgage company. The job was challenging and I enjoyed learning all about the mortgage industry but my priority became raising my kids. After my kids got a bit older, I realized that I needed something to occupy my mind while the kids played with their toys. A transcription job opened up and although I enjoyed learning this skill, I realized I enjoyed working behind the scenes on newsletters, magazines, and helping with light customer support issues. In 2006, our client fired their customer support company and I started full-time in May 2006 as the customer support manager. Much of what I've dealt with during the last 10 years has been learned "on-the-fly". The previous CS company had no documention and our client was losing customers. Over the years, I've managed several employees, both in the US and overseas, created Standard Operating Procedures in order to train new hires, troubleshoot any CS problem that may come up and build positive customer relationships.
Now working with Ann Taylor,, I enjoy maintaining her client list and orders as well as helping with the html coding of her website and emails.
Although I enjoy maintaining Customer Support, I look forward to learning new programs in order to expand my skills as a Virtual Assistant.
My strengths:
  • I can quickly learn new software programs, with or without proper documention.
  • I have a strong working knowledge of what it takes to build customer relationships and how to maintain that relationship.
You may contact me at