NOV. 29: Your casebook project is due.  To assemble your casebook, follow the "Casebook Preparation Checklist."

DEC. 4: This week you will be writing an in-class formal essay, which you will complete over two class periods, as your final assignment for the semester. This paper will count as Essay #4 (see syllabus). Although the exact topic will be "impromptu" the general subject will be an exploration of the relationship between high school and college life.  You use the directions provided in class to help you prepare to write in class.  You will have the opportunity to choose whether you want to write expressively, objectively, or persuasively.  On 12/6 you will be given the opportunity to take an optional bonus quiz to boost your classwork grade. The quiz will test your understanding of the various concepts we studied and applied this semester. 

DEC. 6: Today you'll complete your in class formal essay (Paper #4).  You will have the opportunity to take a Bonus Quiz to improve your classwork average. Review the various concepts we studied and applied throughout the semester.