About Her and her Kick-Ass Life

Staci Crouch was born in 1982 in Palm Springs, CA.  While most view Palm Springs as a great place to visit, few know what it’s like to grow up there.  Since she was stuck in the middle of nowhere most of her life she began making up stories.  She could look out at an expanse of desert where there was nothing but sand and creosote bushes and create an entirely new world.  Stories quickly became Staci’s passion.

Staci continued to write throughout High School.  She also discovered an affinity for theatre.  At this uneventful time in her life she was able to divide her time equally between writing and theatre.  She focused on theatre mainly at school by taking classes and auditioning for school plays.  When she got home she would work on her writing, which was mostly angst ridden poetry or bizarre stories.

After Staci graduated High School in 2000 she left the desert for a drastic temperature change.  She moved to Seattle and attended college at Seattle Pacific University.  When she arrived she decided to major in Theatre.  The work load for college was extremely different from what Staci was used to.  Slowly, between classes and homework, writing began to fall between the cracks.  As time wore on Staci started to feel more run down and unfulfilled by what she was studying.  She didn’t figure out what was wrong with her for two years.

The summer of her sophomore year she went to Ireland on a mission trip through SPU.  Being in Ireland, surrounded by a different culture and people she hadn’t know until a month or two before she left, she started to take a good look at herself.  She kept a journal of her experiences in Ireland, which was essentially an assignment through the mission trip. It was through this assignment Staci realized, she loved the theatre, but she wasn’t cut out to work in the theatre.  She didn’t have the passion for theatre that she had for writing. 

As soon as she returned to school the following fall she broke the news to friends and professors, she was changing her major to English.  Even though writing was what she knew she wanted to do, she also knew she had a lot to learn.  So she majored in literature to learn from some the greatest writers, while taking a few creative writing classes.  Slowly she honed her skills and found the time she needed to focus on her writing.

Staci graduated from SPU in 2004 with a BA in English Literature.  She’s been working on her writing ever since and has completed two full length novels with a third in the works. Although she has never been published, she remains optimistic, most of the time.