Novel Length Writing 

The Protector- An urban fantasy novel.  Aurora Albright, her cat Willard and her partner John have extraordinary powers that they must use to rid the world of a terrible evil.


The Protector's Daughter- The sequel to The Protector. I don't want to give anything away. 


 Short Stories  

The Child & His Beast- A small boy and his babysitter are able to see the small boy's imagination personified in the form of a beast.  But what happens to the imagination when one starts to grow older?  How much longer will the babysitter be able to see the imagination before it disappears completely?


Oliver Waits for Olivia- Oliver is waiting to meet the woman of his dreams.  They've corresponded for years and she's finally able to meet him in person.  Will she actually show up?  Will she be on time? What truths will lie in their first meeting?

Jude & the Zombies- The dead begin to rise and attack the living. But one woman is left alone, even feared by the undead. What is her secret and how can she harness what's happening to her to help others? A story about love, isolation and the human spirit. 


Rum, Freedom & the Sea- A review of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Hey Ladies! Follow Your Heritage to the Nearest Bar- A review of a few local bars. 



How I Caught the Travel Bug: Ireland Bites- The title Ireland Bites is not meant to be derogatory.  Ireland was the bug that bit me; I will love Ireland forever! 



Decoding "The Human Abstract"- An explication of William Blake's poem The Human Abstract. The poem can be read here.

The Sorrel-Weed House