BOBBY JOE FERNANDEZ, a cocky senior at Carney’s Point High School, looks forward to defending his Minnesota state wrestling championship, and in the process, landing himself a college scholarship. The product of a mixed marriage, Bobby Joe’s alcoholic father has been gone for over ten years, leaving an emotional void in his life, as well as it being a major factor in his poor self-image which he covers up with his somewhat conceited attitude. To compensate for his perceived lack of intelligence, he convinces his big-bosomed girlfriend, GINA ROSETTI, to reluctantly help him out by using her womanly ways to snatch test answers for him so he can keep his grades up to the scholarship level.

Bobby Joe’s plans begin to go astray when, in a surprise upset to his rival classmate TOM DESMOND, he loses his first wrestling match in four years. No longer on the first team squad, he’s forced to watch the opening match from the sidelines and wonder about his scholarship, and his life’s calling in general. Attempting to boost his self-esteem, Bobby Joe’s search for a part-time job ends at the local dump, the only place in town that’s hiring. Gina, tired of his dishonest ways, and prompted by her father’s protests against their relationship, begins herself to doubt Bobby Joe’s ability to escape the same fate as his deadbeat father. Alienated from his girlfriend and teammates, his self-image now deflated down to reality, Bobby Joe suddenly finds himself at the bottom of very big hole with apparently no way out.

A now humbled and disheartened Bobby Joe begins to notice some strange things happening around town. Most notably, he discovers the headless body of the school janitor in a house fire, but this turns out to an apparent false alarm when the janitor unexplainably shows up shortly afterwards in front of the ruins of the charred house. Shortly thereafter, Bobby Joe uncovers a plot by aliens from Middle Earth to take over their unsuspecting high school. Using a vicious decapitation method, the mutant Gumby aliens assume their victim’s identity after “redeeming“ them by literally ripping their heads off and look to quickly expand and take over the town, state, country and eventually the entire world.

Still alienated from his family, friends and himself, Bobby Joe must pull himself together and convince the town of the bizarre plot at hand. In the process, he finds that it’s going to take more than just athletic ability to save the day. The aliens, immune to conventional weaponry, appear to be unstoppable as their numbers quickly grow. As Bobby Joe battles with the aliens and the unbelieving town, his estranged father WILLIAM FERNANDEZ, suddenly reappears in town. Unbeknownst to Bobby Joe, he’s gotten his own life together and now makes a modest living as a pro wrestler with a minor professional wrestling tour.

With the aide of his eccentric boss at the dump, HOMER SMIT, Bobby Joe and his newly emerged and rejuvenated father take on the aliens at the state tourney, where the high school championships are scheduled for the coming weekend. The aliens plan to “redeem” a majority of the small town’s population at the event before moving on to the national level, and it’s up to the misfit threesome to stop them. Spurred by Homer’s bizarre attraction to pretzels, Bobby Joe soon discovers that the aliens’ weakness is salt, as it causes them to immediately dry up and shrivel away when it comes in contact with their skin. After a little studying, he comes up with an initial plan to show up with a truckload of salt from the local salt mine at the wrestling match. Homer screws up the initial plan, but Bobby Joe comes up with another idea to use the popcorn salt at the area and after a final mass confrontation with the aliens in the wrestling ring, the day is finally saved.

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