With football and gambling as the backdrop, OFFSIDES is a comical look at one man's struggle to find self-worth. But as often happens to the best of us, NICK MILLS loses sight of what's really important in his life and ends up chasing something that he eventually comes to find, he already has.

Unhappy with his lack of employment, Nick, a gym teacher by trade, begins to question himself and his own worth. At 36 he’s "no better off than the day I left high school." He has no career, no purpose and no future. His wife LAURA, successful in her own right, tries her best to keep Nick's spirits up while he works as a substitute school teacher and looks for a permanent position. But Nick's faith dwindles with every spitball and paper airplane that flies by his face. With low pay, no job security and a complete lack of respect from the junior high students he sometimes teaches, Nick wants out of his lot in life in a bad way.

Then one day, something happens. While watching football with his quirky neighbor, PHIL CARMEN, his TV goes on the blink. Against Phil's advice, Nick tries to fix things himself and gets the “jolt” of his life. Though shaken up, Nick's fine, except for one little reoccurring pain in a very embarrassing area. After a little experimentation, Nick discovers that when he grabs his crotch, while reading or hearing about any upcoming pro football game, he hears a Mysterious voice that tells him beforehand the exact score of the contest in question. At first Nick doesn't believe it himself, but once he's sure, he sets out to convince Phil, his football-watching buddy, that it's all so true. This is no small feat and leads to some both embarrassing and comical situations with family, friends and even the police, as Nick discovers just how to "use" his new found forecasting ability.

Once Phil's on-board, they set up a plan to make some money. A lot of money. At least that's what Nick wants. Phil's a little skeptical and also a bit more cautious by nature. A steady blue-Collar worker for the past 20 years, Phil doesn't share Nick's need to "make something of himself". For him, the whole scheme is a novelty, something new in his mostly boring and routine life. While this is initially enough to bring them together, it's also what causes their betting alliance, as well as their friendship, to quickly fall apart when Nick becomes crazy with greed and power and pushes Phil too far.

As Nick goes off the deep end, not only does he lose a good friend, but he's about to lose his marriage also. Though not aware of Nick's new gift, Laura can see Nick changing for the worse. She's always disapproved of his gambling, and even though he's making money now, senses something is seriously wrong. Nick, nearly insane with his new power, doesn't see what he's becoming or how he's alienating Laura and his 13 year-old son, BRYAN. He's found his "calling"  in life.

As things deteriorate, Phil inadvertently spills the beans one night to a local two-bit hood named JOHN ROSSEY. Upset over his falling-out with Nick, a drunken Phil tells Rossey about Nick's new “talent”. Rossey does some checking up and indeed finds out that Nick's been making some Big bucks. In money trouble himself (a nasty cocaine habit), Rossey wants a piece of the action and tries to make Nick the "old offer you can't refuse". Nick balks though, as he eventually begins to realize what’s really happening to his life.  But it's too late, as Rossey refuses to take no for an answer.

Desperate and out of time on his debt, Rossey decides to kidnap Nick's son, Bryan and blackmail Nick into giving him the winners for this week's games. He plans to put all his money on the known outcome, pay off his debt, then leave the country a rich man. One thing Rossey doesn't know though is, Nick has "disconnected" himself and no longer has the supernatural ability to pick the weekly winners. (Though he now can predict the local weather just fine.) Nick tries to tell Rossey he can't do it any more, but Rossey doesn't believe him and sets up a deadline for Nick to deliver the picks or else. With Bryan's life now in the balance, this sets up the final showdown between Rossey, Nick and some unexpected guests.

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