INDESTRUCTO MAN is a fantasy/romantic comedy about a shy store clerk who becomes virtually indestructible one day after an accident with a microwave oven, a cup of coffee and a Superman comic book.

TOM CARROLL is a mild-mannered store manager at Miller’s General Store. His life's goal is to buy it from old man Miller one day and be his own boss. CAROLYN SMITHFIELD, his overbearing girlfriend has other plans for him though. Ambitiously planning Tom's future with her father's chain of mega stores, not to mention their wedding, Tom can't seem to stand up to her and break it off, a character weakness that may inadvertently cost him his very life when he meets and falls in love with SALLY RAMSEY, a local nurse.

During an armed holdup at Millers, Tom discovers his "power" of indestructibility - an "invisible force field" that repels any and all harmful objects, including bullets. Tom soon begins to think of himself as a new kind of super hero and starts to act accordingly. The envious townsfolk however, find him quite curious and take to throwing various objects at him for sport (tomatoes, eggs, rocks, whatever...). He's eventually looked upon as freak and soon, instead of being popular, finds himself outcast and alienated.

Tom's lack of assertiveness eventually comes back to haunt him when Sally, his new found true love, finds out about Carolyn, whom Tom has been avoiding. (Though virtually indestructible now, he's still afraid to confront Carolyn.) Sally, abandoned by her father at a young age and raised by her mother, has a deep-seated "distrust" of men to begin with, and her breakup with Tom comes hard and quick. This sends Tom into a major depression and "suicidal tendencies" arise. However, being indestructible, Tom's futile attempts to "end his misery" don't go quite like he plans, sending him further and further into a black hole of despair.

But Tom's breakup with Sally begins to affect him in another way. This loss of true love is Indestructo Man's "Achilles’ Heal" and gradually, little by little, he finds himself becoming weaker and weaker, until his very life force itself begins to degenerate. The doctors are baffled as Tom falls into a deep coma and heads toward certain death.

Meanwhile, since their breakup, Sally has changed jobs and moved out of town and is unaware of Tom's dire condition. Tom's good friend and coworker, MARTIN WASHINGTON, attempts to patch things up and inform her of Tom's illness. But her overprotective uncle, upon being told by Martin of Tom's serious condition, decides to keep the news from Sally. His decision could cost Tom his life as time runs out and Indestructo Man slowly fades away. Only true love can save him, but will it arrive in time?

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