FIELD OF SCHEMES is the offbeat tale of a washed-up minor league baseball player and his attempt to make a dramatic comeback by enlisting the services of a sincere, but misguided research scientist, as the two men team up to try and turn the has-been catcher into one of the greatest players ever to play the game.

LUKE LARSON, an aging, career minor-leaguer, hasn’t seen the playing field in weeks and fears his baseball career and life-long dream of playing in the big leagues are both about to come to an abrupt end. Luke’s father, Phil, a blue-collar mechanic and kid brother Joshua, still support him, but Luke sees the writing on the wall, watching from the bench as a younger and more-talented catcher gobbles up all his playing time. A severe ankle injury finally ends everything as the team releases him and Luke suddenly finds himself out of job and with no team to play for.

Fearing his age and injury will prevent any future teams from signing him, Luke resigns himself to the fact that his playing days are over. That is, until he meets HUGO HOBBS, a disgruntled, self-professed DNA research scientist. Hugo, himself unemployed and an outsider in the science community, tells Luke of his experiments with DNA and how he believes he can help Luke not only revive his sagging baseball career, but turn him into a superstar by injecting him with the DNA of some deceased Hall-of-Fame players. The only catch is, Hugo needs his samples from the bodies of the dead and buried greats and Luke must help him to get them. Once Hugo convinces Luke that fame and fortune await them both, the pair of misfits turn into bumbling grave robbers and set out to gather the needed “samples” by visiting the gravesites of some dearly-departed local Hall-of-Famers.

Things go well at first, as Hugo’s DNA therapy quickly helps Luke to heal his ankle injury and return to playing for a local independent team, the Camden Riversharks, where Luke puts up some very impressive numbers and soon gets noticed by the big leagues. In addition to his success on the field, off the field Luke meets and falls in love with ELLIE CALLOW, a Riversharks clubhouse attendant and they quickly develop a serious relationship. Ellie is wary of Luke’s success though, after being burned by a former Shark’s player whose signing went to his head, and secretly fears the same thing will happen to her if Luke does well enough to get promoted. With the fantastic results he’s having from the DNA treatments though, Luke soon signs a minor-league deal with the Indianapolis Indians, a AAA farm team for the Pittsburgh Pirates and Ellie, unaware of Luke’s “unconventional training methods”, can only hope their relationship withstands Luke’s sudden and meteoric rise to fame.

Once at Indianapolis, Luke continues to do well and rumors start to fly about his possible call-up to the Pirates. One step away from his lifelong big-league dream, but still having doubts about his ability to play in the majors, Luke decides to add a “wild card” of sorts, the DNA of a local phenom named BILLY BOWMAN. Bowman was a fantastic young player drafted right out of high school who all the scouts predicted would become a great major-league player, perhaps even a Hall-of-Famer, before mysteriously dying only a few years after his high school graduation. Against Hugo’s concerns about Bowman’s sketchy past, Luke forces Hugo to process Bowman’s DNA, which he believes will be the last piece of the puzzle to put him over-the-top and turn him into the future Hall-of-Fame player he so wants to be. Bowman’s mysterious past is soon uncovered though, and the unforeseen consequences of Luke’s actions swiftly start to play out, as the effects of Bowman’s unique DNA take hold of Luke’s mind and body and provide him with more “talent” than he bargained for. With Hugo missing in action, Luke is unaware of what’s happening to him and his dream of playing in the big leagues suddenly turns into a nightmare as Ellie and his family race to discover Luke’s dark secret before it’s all too late.

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