Feature Length Screenplays

OFFSIDES  An unemployed schoolteacher suddenly finds he has the strange ability to predict the
outcome of any professional football game and sets out to make a bundle of money.

Drama/Comedy (120 pgs.)
Synopsis            Script

SMOKE OUT!  Civil war breaks out in the United States between the smokers and the nonsmokers!

Comedy/Farce/Satire (101 pgs.)
Synopsis            Script

INDESTRUCTO MAN  A shy store clerk becomes virtually indestructible one day after an accident
with a microwave oven, a cup of coffee and a Superman comic book.

Fantasy/Drama/Comedy(117 pgs.) Synopsis           Script

THE VACATION  A family of five awakens one morning to find their suburban home completely,
and inexplicably, surrounded by the ocean.

Fantasy/Drama (112 pgs.)
Synopsis           Script

THE REGENERATORS  A high school state wrestling champ discovers his town is being invaded
by vicious head-hunting aliens from outer space bent on taking over the world.

Horror/Comedy (116 pgs.)
Synopsis           Script

FIELD OF SCHEMES  A washed-up minor-league baseball player teams up with a disgruntled DNA research scientist in an attempt to turn the has-been into one of the greatest players ever to play the game.

Drama/Comedy/Horror (125 pgs.)
Synopsis           Script



WE'RE PLAYIN THE INDIANS!  A minor league baseball team arrives at the ballpark one day only to
discover their opponents are real Indians!

     Comedy (43 pgs.)

THE NEW JERSEY HEDGE-TRIMMER MASSACRES  Three high school friends learn the hard way not
to mess with psychos wielding hedge trimmers.

Comedy/Spoof/Goof (5 pgs.)

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