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Feature-Length Screenplays (WGA Registered/US Copyrighted)

HOW TO ESCAPE JAIL WITHOUT REALLY TRYING  A prison school teacher decides to help one                        Dark Comedy (in-process)
of his inmate/students escape jail. (Based on the blog and consequent eBook "How To Escape Jail
Without Really Trying", based on author's 15-year first-hand experience in NJ state correctional facility.)                                 eBook 

FASTBALL ON THE OUTSIDE CORNER: THE JOSH GIBSON STORY  Set in 1930's Pittsburgh, the                       Biopic/Historical (128 pgs.)
life & times of one of the game's 
most prolific, yet largely unheralded home run hitters of all time.                                 Synopsis          Script
(Currently under option w/Nubia Filmworks. Nubia graciously welcomes investment/production inquires.)

FIELD OF SCHEMES  A washed-up minor-league baseball player teams up with a disgruntled research         Drama/Comedy/Horror (125 pgs.)
scientist in an attempt to turn the has-been into one of the greatest players ever to play the game.                               Synopsis           Script
(Tall tale inspired by the MLB steroid scandal/issue, a buddy dramedy.)

OFFSIDES  An unemployed schoolteacher suddenly finds he has the strange ability to predict the
outcome of any professional football game and sets out to make a bundle of money. (Two of America's greatest obsessions, football and gambling... Counting the fantasy-football folks, that's a lot of film-goers right there.)

                    Drama/Comedy (120 pgs.)
                         Synopsis          Script

SMOKE OUT!  Civil war breaks out in the United States between the smokers and the nonsmokers!
(Think Airplane meets Monty Python meets The Marlboro Man. "Let freedom ring!")

            Comedy/Farce/Satire (101 pgs.)
                         Synopsis          Script

INDESTRUCTO MAN  A shy store clerk becomes virtually indestructible one day after an accident
with a microwave oven, a cup of coffee and a Superman comic book. (Our hero fears nothing but fear itself. And women. ...He fears women.)

        Fantasy/Drama/Comedy (117 pgs.)
                         Synopsis          Script

THE VACATION  A family of five awakens one morning to find their suburban home completely,
and inexplicably, surrounded by the ocean.  (One main location. One tropical island needed.)

                     Fantasy/Drama (112 pgs.)
                         Synopsis          Script

THE REGENERATORS  A high school state wrestling champ discovers his town is being invaded
by vicious head-hunting aliens from outer space bent on taking over the world. (Good old-fashioned B-movie fun. (B-Movie mania. Co-written with the gentleman from Tennessee, Mr. Ron Brassfield.) 

        B-Movie/Horror/Comedy (116 pgs.)
                         Synopsis          Script


THE NEW JERSEY HEDGE-TRIMMER MASSACRES  Three high school friends learn the hard way not
to mess with psychos wielding hedge trimmers.



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