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Good Morning! 
Necessities: iPad, folder, spiral, free reading book, colored pencils, and a writing stick (;-). 
 NOTE:  I will be gone Thursday and Friday this week.  Please manage your time knowing that you have a deadline to meet for turning in your work.  Thursday will be a work day and Friday will be POLISH/EMAIL (to me)/Free Read Friday.  I'm counting on you to do your best to show me your end of 7th grade writing skills.  Thank you!!  Mrs. Staack
Search for an article to compare the energy drink effects to.  I suggest starting with the links at the bottome of the energy drink article.  Next, do a 3 column chart using Pages to show:
     Column I                                                   Column II                               Column III
Most Important Info from                    Similarities/Differences                MII from new article
 energy drink article
 or: Use Sketchbook on your iPad to create a Venn Diagram instead of the 3 column chart.
Whole Class Article:
EYB- (Enjoy Your Book!)
With a partner at your table (next to you), complete a SUMMARY of the article (follow 8 box proceedure)
Next, complete TWO vocabulary words (words from the article that are UNKNOWN or INTERSTING)
Finally, complete TWO connections (connections from the article worthy of writing down--follow proceedure)
(Have a fabulous spring break~!  See you next Monday!!!)
New Article and groups
Assignments: Read to understand article, Got a $1M Idea? (Handout)
Summarizer--8 boxes--complete own copy with your partner
3 vocab words
Compare and contrast (2 column chart-in PAGES-with a partner--means you and your partner need to choose the same article :-)
Choose 1 of the following articles to compare
Questions--1 of each kind and 3 evaluation
Everything is due THURSDAY for a graded discussion!  Go to work and EYB when you are done!
Mrs. Staack

Group work on summary
Compare to one of the articles below~Choose one of the following:
~2 column chart in Pages   8-10 Similarities   -  Differences   (between video and article)
~2 vocabulary words---choose 2 different words from either the video or the article.
Then~EYB (ENJOY YOUR BOOK!).   Without stopping, looking around, or being distracted, to build your reading stamina!
Mrs. Staack

7th Grade Articles:
Article Compare and Contrast Strategy.  Read to understand the article on Monster energy drinks.  Whole class MIP's (Most Important Points) from the article get written in the MIDDLE column of the 3 column chart using Sketchbook on the iPad.
Directions: Search for a contrast article to read, summarize, and complete one vocabulary word on.
Partner Work with Ipad in Sketchbook App: Middle of the Three Column Chart~ Similarities and Difference on your own.
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