The Effective Method of Kitchen Eco Clean

The Effective Method of Kitchen Eco Clean (Last Updated on Sep 6, 2015)


A.         Tea Stain In Kitchen Sink/Dishes Wash Basin

Method: First, use water to clean the egg shell, then mashed egg shell, wrap with cloth/sponge & water to clean tea stain in kitchen sink.

B.         Oil Stain On Glazed Tile/ Stainless Steel Appliances

Method: Use metallic spiral ball & water to clean it, and then repeat it.

C.         Oil Stain On Floor

Method One: Mix of little Johnson Warm Baby Bath, Bleach & Water, and then use push broom to mop the floor.

Method Two: Kiwi Kleen Glass Cleaner (for cleans, anti static, anti mist & shines) sprays on the floor, and then use wet push broom to mop the floor.

# If push broom is made of cotton, you can use bleach water immersion about 12 hours & recycle to use it

Method Three: *Suitable for small area. 

Isopropyl Alcohol(>70% Isopropanol) + Tissue/Cotton.

D.         Sticker Stain

Way One: Use cotton & isopropyl alcohol;

Way Two: Rubber;

Way Three: About 30 minutes bell immersion hot water and wash it.

E.         Mold on Silicone Sealant (not including the old molds)

First with a damp cloth to wipe the surface of the stain and then with a high concentration of bleach (Free dilution) with a drinking tube by a small drop in the mold place, and then a little white dry cloth covered, bleach half a day, finally with soapy water to wash


廚房有效環保清潔方法  (最近更新 2015-9-6)

甲、  洗面盆塞口茶漬

所需工具: 雞蛋殼++砂布/海棉

步驟: 將用後雞蛋殼, 用清水洗淨後搗碎, 然後用砂布/海棉包住,加少許水後擦洗由於蛋殼容易弄傷雙手,需要用砂布/海棉包住清潔


乙、  瓷磚油漬/不锈鋼爐具污糟漬

鋼絲球+水,  重覆清潔


方法1: 少許強生(Johnson Baby)特溫和沐浴露+漂白水+適量清水混和後,用地拖拖

方法2: 奇偉玻璃清潔劑防靜電及抗霧(Kiwi Kleen Glass Cleaner)噴在地上,再用濕地拖拖

# 如果地拖頭是由棉製造,可用漂白水浸洗約12小時,循環再用

方法3: *適用於小面積,消毒火酒(>70%異丙醇)+紙巾/棉花抹


丁、  貼紙漬

方法1: 用棉花蘸上消毒火酒抹;

方法2: 或用橡膠擦;

方法3: 熱水浸約30分鐘, 然後清洗

          戊、  玻璃膠霉菌(不包括陳年霉菌)