Tournament Rules

 Dates:   Monday, March 18, 2019 thru Saturday, March 23, 2019  This page is a "work in progress".
  • Players must enter at the EVSTL level they started the second half of this season.
  • One level of difference between partners is allowed but they will play at the highest level of the two players. Example: a 3.0 man and a 3.5 woman would play at the 3.5 level.
  • Players who currently are rostered members of a multi-park team, sanctioned by the EVSTL, are eligible to enter with one of their teammates. 
  • Eligible players must have played at least three (3) matches in the EVSTL 2017-2018 season. Club coordinators must monitor this!  Exception: 1.5 players need only be rostered members on a 1.5 team.
  • Clubs are encouraged to submit as many entries as possible. Back-up teams from each club will play if open slots are available
  • Draw levels will be 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5
  • Two brackets for all levels.
  • Each bracket will consist of 16 teams.

  • The 4.5 bracket is for players that have a tencap number of 33 or less, even if only one of the players has a number of 33 or less they will have to play in the 4.5 bracket. To encourage play at this level only we will be allowing players to form a team with players from an EVSTL club other than their own.
  • There will be a consolation bracket for all losing first round players
 Entry Fee:    $25.00 per person   $50.00 per team. 
Each club will submit one check for all its participating teams
 Schedule of Play: First match of the day will be at 8:00 am and last match of the day will be at 3:30 pm, scheduled at 1.5 hour intervals.   At the discretion of the tournament director, teams may be in default if they are late by ten (10) minutes or more when reporting for the scheduled matches.
 Location: Sunland Springs Village North (courts 1 to 6) and South courts (7 to 12).  
 Registration: For their first round matches (Monday/Tuesday), players must check-in thirty (30) minutes before their scheduled match.  Registration will take place at the north courts.
 Rain Delays:
  •  If play is suspended due to rain, play will resume as soon as possible.
  •  Suspension and resumption of play are decisions of the tournament director
  •  Players must keep in touch with the tournament officials during rain delays
  • Two (2) of Three (3) sets.
  • All levels will play a normal EVSTL seven (7) point set tie breaker
  • All levels will play a normal EVSTL ten (10) point third set match tie breaker
  • All matches will be 2nd deuce as game point, serving gender to gender except that deuces in the Saturday final matches will be played out
 Rules of Play:
  •  Substitutes will only be allowed prior to registration.
  •  Substitute player(s) must have the same rating and be from the same club
  •  A team that withdraws before its first match is considered to have withdrawn from the tournament.
  •  Injury time-outs shall be limited to ten (10) minutes
  •  If a player is unable to complete a match for any reason it will be considered a retirement.
  •  Warm-up time will be 7 minutes including time for serves.  This will be monitored!
  •  Players shall call their own lines (scorekeepers cannot intervene)
  •  Players are responsible to check the posted draw sheets (on-site or web) for their next  scheduled match.
  •  Players should be aware of foot fault rules.
 Awards for
 each bracket:
Championship finalists will receive medals plus $50 per person for 1st place
Championship finalists will receive medals plus $35 per person for 2nd place.
Consolation finalists will receive medals plus $20 per person for the winners.
 Critical Dates:    
 February 23, 2018
Last day to submit teams.  Submit as many teams as you have in order of preference, ie. 1, 2, 3 and so on, by level, for your club
Submissions are requested via online entry at:
Thursday    March 01, 2018 Draws at each level will be completed
 March 2, 2018
Club representatives will be advised about all participants
 March 6, 2018
  • Payment of entry fees – one check please for ALL participants per club 
  • Payable to “SSV Tennis Club”  
  • Collection of entry fees will take place at SUNLAND VILLAGE EAST during the SVE tournament
 March 12, 2018
 Play begins:   Monday, March 12, 2018
 Play ends:      Saturday, March 17, 2018
 ALL INFORMATION about the Brackets and Draws will be posted on the  SSV Mixed Doubles Web Site at:
 Tournament  Directors:  Jerry Mason,480-275-2089h-605-450-6100c,
 Shiela Mason, 480-275-2089h-605-450-7100,
 Harry Foster, 816-589-1829,  
 Sue Foster, 816-589-3637,
                    No Water Available on Court, 
Please Bring your own Water
                    No chairs will be allowed on the courts