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Bill Collins

I have taken a non-traditional path toward an engineering degree. I have built a career through entrepreneurial skill and a durable work ethic. 
My past endeavors include:
  •     Implementing a computer aided design and enterprise network capability for a civil engineering company
  •     Establishing and operating a retail computer business with a specialty in personal computer networking
  •     Managing the computer operations of large health care organizations ( 5th and 7th largest in the nation )
  •     Managing the worldwide IT operations for a private trans-oceanic container leasing company

Although I enjoyed great success in these endeavors, I am excited to exploit this opportunity to acquire a degree in Electrical Engineering and re-calibrate my career path toward the design and implementation of technologies in the service of humankind.

My specific interests are in:
  •     Embedded systems
  •     Sensor networks
  •     Wireless communications
  •     Telehealth and Telemedicine applications of technology
  •     Opensource Hardware and Software
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