About the Experiment
I’m asking 1million people to donate 1dollar so I become a millionaire in 1year.  Yes, this is self-serving but it’s my goal to live my life serving the broken & forgotten people of this world.  You can participate in this experiment in two ways: 

1) Invite all your friends to the Facebook event: 

2) Donate $1

As a “proof” of sorts to the seriousness of my intentions to help others I will be donating the first $10,000 which is given to me to various charities. So if ONLY $10k (or anything below) is donated I will NOT keep any of it (I’ll post documentation of my giving as it occurs).

Why is it that people who win the lottery waste it on themselves and become miserable? There are millions of people in the world who need help, who are dying of famine or diseases and we need people to step up and help them. I am committed to living modestly, giving generously, and loving deeply whether I become a millionaire or not. I plan to use the money that’s given to me as best I can for those who need it most. If you can’t bring yourself to give a dollar to some random dude with a crazy idea (me), please, please, please give a dollar (or more) right now to any charity that helps people who need it most.

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