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SSSI Privacy Statement

The Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction (hereafter “Society”) and its journal, Symbolic Interaction (hereafter “journal”), are committed to protecting the personal information collected from users, including authors, reviewers, and individual subscribers/Society members. The information we collect is limited to the personal information provided when users register with our journal and/or Society to take part in its activities and publically available information (e.g., from a professional academic website) when we attempt to contact users about a journal or Society matter.

When users interact with our publisher, Wiley Periodicals Inc., they are subject to its privacy policies, which can be found here: http://www.wiley.com/privacy.

The following details our Society and journal policies.

How do the Society and journal use collected personal data?

For reviewers: The SSSI will only use personal data to engage in official journal business, which is mostly limited to requests for peer reviews of papers submitted to the journal and, when an individual accepts this responsibility, correspondence on those matters.

For authors: The Society and journal will only use personal data to engage in official journal business. When authors submit a paper to the journal for consideration, we use provided personal information to engage in correspondence about the submission process and peer-review process. When a paper is accepted for publication, we use the author’s personal information to engage in correspondence about all relevant editorial and publication matters.

For individual subscribers: Our individual subscribers are members of our Society. When members join or renew, they provide personal information that we use to engage in Society business, which includes but is not limited to announcing Society activities such as conferences and meetings, conducting elections and other voting matters, circulating the Society newsletter, soliciting renewals of membership, and requesting nominations for offices and awards.

Who has access to users’ personal data?

Only members of the Editorial staff of the journal and the Chair of our Society’s Publications Committee have access to the personal information supplied by authors and reviewers. Only members of the Society Executive Council, and employees or volunteer assistants specifically authorized by the Executive Council, will have access to the personal information supplied by subscribers/members. We will not share any user’s personal information with an outside party without that user’s consent, unless (A) we are required to disclose personal information in response to lawful requests by public authorities or government agencies, or (B) to report criminal or fraudulent activity or breaches of disciplinary ethical standards.

Users’ control over their personal data.

Any user who requests to delete their personal information from Society or journal records may do so by contacting in writing the journal’s lead Editor or Society President directly.

Where a matter is not specifically covered in this statement or contradicts the Wiley Periodicals Inc. policy, the Society will follow the policies and practices set out in the Wiley Periodicals Inc. statement linked above.