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SSSI-Business Meetings

At the annual meeting the members of the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction come together for their Business Meeting. The minutes of the most recent Business Meeting is below. Pdf-files of SSSI Business Meetings are attached below.


SSSI Business Meeting

August 22, 2015

Public Hotel

Chicago, IL


President Maggie Kusenbach called the meeting to order at 8:02 am.


Secretary’s Report -- Laurie Linhart

Election results: 

President-Elect – Leslie Irvine, University of Colorado

Vice President-Elect – Jennifer Dunn, Texas Tech

Publication Committee – Jason Sumerau, University of Tampa; Linda Belgrave, University of Miami

We had the highest participation rate to date – 98 votes were cast.  Qualtrics was used for the election process.  It worked very well. 

Members reported receiving communication via email from Laurie.


Treasurer’s Report – Lisa-Jo van den Scott

SSSI continues running at a deficit.  Contributing to this is meeting costs are skyrocketing.  We also had two unusual costs this year:  Two SSSI-EU conference costs and tax consulting services.  Lisa-Jo expressed concern about the long-term viability of the society.  The society obtained a credit card and online payment system this year.  Thanks to Dirk vom Lehn for setting the system up.  A small percent of members had difficulties with the online payment system.  Lisa-Jo expressed thanks to Tony Puddephatt for organizing this year’s meeting and keeping the costs down. 


Journal Editor’s Report – Maggie Kusenbach on behalf of Robert Dingwall

The journal is in good shape.  The impact factor has risen again (0.625).  Dennis Waskul will lead the effort to identify a new editor to replace Robert Dingwall this upcoming year.  Thanks were extended to Dirk vom Lehn for all of his hard work increasing our presence in social media and online.


Newsletter Editor’s Report – Will Force

The newsletter was redesigned this year and it is looking better than ever.  Will thanked Melina Constantine Miseo for all of her hard work as newsletter assistant.  She is off to graduate school.  The new assistant will be Andrew Barbato.  The newsletter is distributed by email and posted on our website.  Let Will know if you aren’t receiving the emailed newsletter.  The next newsletter will come out in early November.  Will is trying to include more content driven material.  Please contact him if you have material to include.  Consider contributing a state of the field piece (of blog length), book reviews, and contributions from international members are encouraged.


Membership Dues Increase – Maggie Kusenbach

An increase in membership dues is needed in order to sustain our society.  The price structure was distributed with the meeting agenda.  A new category has been added for those $85K and over:  $88/year.  Student dues for membership and electronic journal subscription remain at $30/year.  Our institutional membership has gone up by the market rate.  Our membership rates are much lower than other societies.  A recommendation was made from the floor to add a dues category for unemployed and retired members.  The International Sociological Association has staggered income categories for higher income and lower income countries.  A suggestion was made from the floor to consider doing this.


2016 Conference Fees – Patrick McGinty

The vice president organizes the meeting for the following year.  Patrick is organizing the meeting for Seattle in 2016.  It will be at the W Hotel in easy walking distance to ASA.  He asked for feedback from members about banquet and conference fees. The options are keeping the same system (banquet fee only), registration fee with banquet included, or registration fee with a separate banquet fee.  It is important to maintain a nominal fee for students. A suggestion was made from the floor to be more flexible in scheduling the banquet in order to accommodate conflicts with ASA and/or SSSP events.


Information on Upcoming SSSI Conferences – Maggie Kusenbach, Andrew Blasko, Vessela Misheva

1.     Couch Stone Symposium, Vancouver Island 2016 (April 21 – 23) (flyer)

2.     EU-SSSI Meeting, Topola, Bulgaria 2016 (June 27 – July 2) (flyer)

3.     Annual Meeting, Seattle 2016 (flyer)


2015 EU-SSSI Report-- Andreas Salvini

Andreas reported this year’s EU-SSSI was a very inspiring conference with many good keynote addresses. 


2016 Summer School in Pisa, Italy

Andrea also announced the plans for summer school for Ph.D. students in Pisa, Italy in June 2016.  It will be focused on methods and research.  The cost will be $350 Euros for registration and room/board.  He is working with academic offices to provide transfer credit (40 hours for one credit; five credits possible).


Meeting adjourned at 8:56 am.


Respectfully submitted,

Laurie J. Linhart


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