Early-in-Career Award

Early-in-Career Award 
The SSSI Early-in-Career Award recognizes junior scholars’ contributions to the field of symbolic interaction and potential to use an interactionist perspective to contribute to the broader field of sociology. The award specifically honors those scholars who have made significant contributions during the ten years following the completion of their PhDs. Nominations are made through support letters sent (by SSSI members) to the chair of the award committee. Support letters should include the following information: the candidate’s most noteworthy research and publications thus far; contributions to symbolic interaction; and the candidate’s CV.

Submit nomination letters and relevant materials directly to the committee chair and members by March 30, 2019.

Chair:       Thomas DeGloma Hunter College and the Graduate Center, CUNY tdegloma@hunter.cuny.edu

Members:   Linda Belgrave, University of Miami l.belgrave@miami.edu

                     Simon Gottschalk, University of Nevada, Las Vegas karma@unlv.nevada.edu

A list of previous winners can be found HERE.