2017 Couch-Stone Symposium

The conference will be held March 30-April 2 in Milwaukee in conjunction with the Midwest Sociological Society conference. Our theme is “21st Century Interactionism.”

Co-organised by

David Schweingruber, Iowa State University (dschwein@iastate.edu)

Laurie Linhart, Des Moines Area Community College (lclinhart@dmacc.edu)

Here’s the direct link to the MSS registration page: https://secure.acceptiva.com/?cst=a48176


Hotel link is: http://www.hilton.com/en/hi/groups/personalized/M/MKEMHHF-MIDSS-20170329/index.jhtml?WT.mc_id=POG


All registration information can also be found on the MSS page: http://www.themss.org/annual-meeting/registration/

Symbolic Interactionism: Theory & Research (Couch-Stone Symposium submissions that don’t fit another session) (David Schweingruber (dschwein@iastate.edu) & Laurie Linhart (lclinhart@dmacc.edu))