Advancement and Recognition

Working Your Way Through The Ranks

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Apprentice Requirements

Ordinary Requirements

Able Requirements

Quartermaster Requirements


Other Awards Include



  • SEA SCOUT Bronze Award
  • Boardsailing BSA
  • BSA Lifeguard
  • Mile Swim, BSA
  • Snorkeling, BSA
  • Kayaking, BSA
  • Scuba, BSA
  • 50 Miler Award
  • Long Cruise
  • SEAL Training


    Venturing Recognition 

    Recognition PDF



  • Within the Venturing Program, the Sea Scouting program has its own Advancement Program, consisting of the Ranks of Apprentice, Ordinary, Able, and Quatermaster. Sea Scouts are eligible for the Venturing awards in addition to the Sea Scout Advancements. In addition, the Long Cruise and SEAL awards are specific to the Sea Scouting program.

    Advancement can be a source of personal pride and a measure  of your nautical knowledge as well as a gauge of your performance as a leader. The Sea Scout Quartermaster award is the highest award for the Sea Scout area of Venturing. The award is the conclusion of dedication and excellence to the ideals of the Sea Scout program.

    Some Of The Skills We Teach

    Pi_pin.gif - 1013 BytesSailing And Cruising
    Pi_pin.gif - 1013 Bytes
    Marlinespike seamanship - use of lines, knots and splicing
    Pi_pin.gif - 1013 Bytes
    Piloting - learning the aids to navigation, reading charts
    Pi_pin.gif - 1013 BytesRules of the Road & Small Boat Handler
    Pi_pin.gif - 1013 BytesRadio - Qualify for Marine radiotelephone F.C.C. operator license
    Pi_pin.gif - 1013 BytesBoat Maintenance
    Pi_pin.gif - 1013 Bytes
    Engines - maintenance of inboard and outboard engines
    Pi_pin.gif - 1013 BytesMaritime Career Guidance
    Pi_pin.gif - 1013 BytesElectricity/ AC and DC Systems
    Pi_pin.gif - 1013 Bytes
    Pi_pin.gif - 1013 BytesIdentification of Vessels
    Pi_pin.gif - 1013 BytesTeaching & commanding a crew under oars and sail 
    Pi_pin.gif - 1013 BytesGround Tackle - anchoring and proper use of anchors
    Pi_pin.gif - 1013 BytesVessel nomenclature
    Pi_pin.gif - 1013 Bytes
    Galley - Prepare food and provisioning for a long cruise
    Pi_pin.gif - 1013 BytesSafety - Fire, Man Overboard, etc.
    Pi_pin.gif - 1013 BytesSea History
    Pi_pin.gif - 1013 BytesCardiopulmonary Resuscitation
    Pi_pin.gif - 1013 BytesState Safe Boating course
    Pi_pin.gif - 1013 Bytes
    First Aid
    Pi_pin.gif - 1013 BytesSwimming and Lifesaving