Honey vs Sugar

One table spoon of sugar contains 16 calories, where as one table spoon of honey contains 22 calories. Even thought honey has more calories, people tend to use less than they would sugar because honey is very sweet and very dense compared to sugar. 

Honey is a natural sweetener and contains beneficial antioxidant properties. Honey is also a lot more economical than sugar. Think about how much sugar is put into your canned drinks. 10 teaspoons!!

Table sugar is a sucrose, and this means when we eat it, our stomach has to use certain enzymes to separate the two molecules apart before we can even start to use the energy from sugar. 

As for honey, the bees have already done us a favor and added a special enzyme to the nectar that divides to sucrose to into glucose and fructose. (These are simple sugars that are body can easily absorb)

Also, sugar lacks minerals and vitamins that use your body's nutrients to get metabolized into your system. This can contribute to high cholesterol and obesity. 

If you are watching your weight, honey is a great substitute to sugar.  Honey has such a unique flavor that can be useful and added to any kind of drink, which causes no harm to your well being. 

Bees make us food, but also give us the healthy foods we SHOULD be using! Let's keep them around.