The Stephens-Sabey College Football Ranking System was developed and is maintained by Evan Stephens and Aaron Sabey.  It is a computer-based system that rates and ranks the Football Bowl Subdivision (formerly Division I-A) college football teams.
2010 Rankings

The 2010 rankings will be issued Sunday, September 12 after most teams have played at least two games.

2009 Rankings
What makes the Stephens-Sabey Rankings different?
The Stephens-Sabey Rankings focuses more on winning than on losing.  We believe that losing is easy and winning is hard.  Even the worst team can lose to a quality opponent--but it takes a great team to beat a good team.  As a result, our system does not reward a team for losing games against tough opponents.  Instead, the focus is on the teams you beat, the teams they beat, and so on (as opposed to the teams you played, and the teams they played, etc.).  The downside of focusing on winning is that it becomes harder to rank teams with few wins.  This is a weakness.  But the purpose of our ranking system is to focus on the top not the bottom.  For more information click here.
Why don't the rankings make sense early in the season?
Here are some things to remember.  First, our rankings are based entirely on the outcome of games of the current season.  Each game played by a team gives us more information on which to base a rating so the rating becomes more reliable as the season progresses.

Also, the purpose of the Stephens-Sabey Rankings is to determine which team has accomplished the most during the season.  It does not necessarily identify the best team.  By the end of the season we expect the best team to have also accomplished the most--but there's no guarantee.  For example, after winning its first two games of the 2008 season (which included a pounding of Ohio State), USC was ranked 27th.  Did we really think USC is the 27th best team in the country?  No.  But three weeks into the season, we believed USC's accomplishments on the field were only 27th best.

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