Uplifting Quotes
“People today certainly need words, but most of all they need us to bear witness to the mercy and tenderness of the Lord which warms the heart, rekindles hope, and attracts people towards the good. What a joy it is to bring God’s consolation to others!” 

-Pope Francis, 7 July 2013-
We attain peace of heart in being aware that we are friends of God. This is the peace that surpasses all understanding. It is such an exceedingly great grace, which we should never lose sight of.
This grace paves the way to eternal happiness.

- St. Arnold Janssen -
The best motive for service and for implementing our love for God is our desire to give God joy.

- M.Mary Michael -
Jesus takes upon himself all our sins, and even the physical afflictions of all people. He embraces them all with a love so wonderfully great, so glorious, so incomprehensible, such as only the fullness
of the infinite God could pour it out into a heart that belonged to the Son of God himself.

- St. Arnold Janssen -
Christ is risen! To believe this is not simply to believe in an event which happened to Christ in the past or will happen to us in the future. It is also to believe that it is an ongoing event in the present
and that the Risen Christ is with us in our daily life.

- M.Mary Aurora, SSpSAP 4th Superior General -
May God the Holy Spirit give you a self-sacrificing, apostolic heart together with all the virtues
and graces you desire.

- Blessed Maria, Helena Stollenwerk, SSpS Co-foundress -
It is necessary to let ourselves constantly be led by God’s hand like a child. It is impossible
for God to disappoint our confidence.

- St. Arnold Janssen -
Be certain that the Lord knows every sigh of your heart and carefully notes every tear that we shed
in patience and surrender.

- St. Joseph Freinademetz, 1st SVD missionary to China -
We must always act in a spirit of faith. In a certain sense, faith is the very eye of God, with which we should regard the world, eternity and ourselves. Faith sees in the small, insignificant things of daily life
a manifestation of the divine will. Hence we want to pray that God may grant us this eye of faith,
so that we may seek nothing but God’s holy will and his good pleasure.

- M.Mary Ancilla, SSpSAP 2nd Superior General -
With patience and the help of God, many things changed in time. Perhaps at first something seems to be an unbearable cross, but later on thanks God on noticing how roses have bloomed out of all the thorns.

- St. Arnold Janssen -
God knows our strength and never makes the cross so heavy that we cannot carry it. Besides, there are not only crosses but also joys. The sweetest joys even proceed from the most bitter sufferings.
One day in heaven we shall rejoice most over the sufferings we have endured.

- St. Arnold Janssen -
The greatness of love can be best recognized in the sacrifices that a person can offer for another.

- Fr. Holthausen SVD, December 1892 -
In God we live, move and are. He is continuously looking upon us, sees what we are doing, hears what we are saying, knows all our thoughts. If only we were really aware of this! Let us strive to think of him also from morning till night. Let us greet him immediately upon awaking.

- M.Mary Michael -
We begin to understand what faith means when we open ourselves to the immense love of God
that changes us inwardly and enables us to see our lives with new eyes. 

- Pope Francis -