News 2014
The apostolic effectiveness of consecrated life…depends on the eloquence of your lives, lives which radiate the Joy and beauty of living the Gospel and following Christ to the full. 

- Pope Francis, Apostolic Letter to all Consecrated people -
Oktober 3, 2014

Our Motherhouse here in Steyl has just celebrated her 100th year last August 26, 2014. Our Generalate took this opportunity to hold an International Superior’s Assembly (ISA) here in the Motherhouse from August 11-29.
Could you imagine our joy, when on the first week of August the Superiors or the representatives of all our houses arrived? It was such a joyous meeting for all and a happy reunion for some. Those are blessed and graced weeks for the residents of the Motherhouse
as well as for our honored guests.

The celebration of the 100th year was climaxed by the formal request with supporting documents made by Fr. Manfred Krause SVD to Msgr. Franz Wiertz, Bishop of Roermond, to ask permission from Rome to officially open the process of Beatification of Mother Mary Michael, our Co-foundress, on the diocesan level.
The Bishop accepted the request and the documents saying with a smile: But I cannot guaranty “Santo Subito,” to which we all laughed and applauded.

Fr. Manfred Krause, SVD,
Postulator for the cause of
Beatification of Mother Mary Michael
Journeying together always brings enrighment, and can open new paths to relationships
between people and cultures... 

- Pope Francis -