This is the website of the Sister-Servants of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration (SSPSAP), known also as the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters and commonly called by many as the "Pink Sisters".

This website has been put up with much prayer and joy. God’s blessing has been invoked for all who will visit this site. May anyone who come and see receive the abundant grace of God, find peace in one’s heart, experience profound and true joy even in the midst of trials and sufferings, and be strengthened in the conviction that one is deeply loved by God.

You are most Welcome

In calling you God says to you: “You are important to me, I love you, I am counting on you”. Jesus says this to each one of us! Joy is born from that! The joy of the moment in which Jesus looked at me.
Understanding and hearing this is the secret of our joy. Feeling loved by God, feeling that for him we are not numbers but people; and hearing him calling us; and we know that
it is HE who is calling us!
- Pope Francis, 6 July 2013 -


Deem it something great that God has deigned to choose you for his service.

- St. Arnold Janssen, Founder: SVD, SSpS, SSpSAP -