Articles of Confederation- a document with articles that created the first government system in the United States of America. Replaced with the U.S. Constitution in the year of 1787



Cherokee- a group of Indians in northern Georgia.

Cherokee Phoenix- the Cherokee Indians' newspaper. Written by Elias Boudinot.

Colony- a region explored and claimed by explorers and settlers for a specific country or organization.

Compromise of 1850- a compromise allowing the spread of slavery and Free states to go out west.

Constitutional Convention of 1787- a convention held in Philadelphia with representatives from each state/colony that created the U.S. Constitution.

Cotton Gin- an invention of Eli Whitney that cleaned cotton.

Creek- a group of Indians in southern Georgia.

Confederate States of America (CSA) - the south's country during the Civil War.



Declaration of Independence- a document that announced the freedom and creation of the United States of America.

Deters' Prison- a prison for people that either owed dept or were extremely poor.



Emancipation Proclamation- a document freeing the slaves. 

Era- a period of time



Fugitive Slave Act- an act allowing owners to track down their runaway slaves.



Head right System- a system set up by Georgia's government to distribute Indian lands to each "head" of a family.

Hemisphere- Section of the Earth. (Exp. North Hemisphere = Northern Section of the World)



Kansas-Nebraska Act- an act allowing the territories to choose whether to be free or a slave state based on popular sovereignty.

Ku Klux Klan (KKK) - a group of murderers that kill Blacks.



Land Grant- land that is given to someone(s) from the government. (UGA was a land grant university. The government gave the founder land to build the school.)

Land Lottery- a lottery system set up after the Yazoo Land Fraud that gave away land that belonged to the Indians to anyone who was eligible to participate.



Missouri Compromise- a compromise allowing slavery below Missouri's southern border



Native Americans- natives to America. (Not European Settlers)



Ohio River Valley- land fought over by the French and the British. (The French and Indian War). Land is in the present day state of Ohio.



Popular Sovereignty- a choice based on majority vote.



Railroads- a series of rails that a train travels on.

Reconstruction- the period after the Civil War.

Region- a section of. (Used in website as a section or part of a landmass, country, state, etc.)



Settlements- villages and towns created by colonists/settlers from a foreign country during the period of exploration and colonization.

Slaves- men/women that were owned by plantation owners and farmers during the Antebellum Era.

States Rights- the belief that states should make their own decisions.

Syllabary- a set of syllables that create words.



Trail of Tears- the trail that the Cherokee Indians traveled on to get to Oklahoma (Indian Territory).

Trains- a vehicle that runs on rails. Used to ship goods and people faster than a horse and buggy and a ship.

Treaty of Indian Springs- a treaty signed by William McIntosh that gave away the rest of Creek Territory to the U.S.

Treaty of New York- a treaty signed by Alexander McGillivray that gave some of the Creek Territory to the U.S.

Tribes- a group of people that cooperate and live together; a clan



U.S. Constitution- a document made during the Constitutional Convention of 1787 that created the government of the United States of America.



Yazoo Land Fraud- a crime committed by Georgia's legislature that illegally sold