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on Feminism  

For Friday, October 19: Discuss changes you think Rob Pope might profitably make to the section on Feminism(s) that we discussed in class on Tuesday (October 16). Post your contribution at the Moodle Forum entitled "Pope." 

In reference to my title, not a whole lot. Keeping that in mind, I find it a little difficult to address any changes that should be made in Rob Pope's Feminism section. Therefore, rather than suggest any changes be made, perhaps I can suggest an addition. Pope asserts on page 118 of English Studies, "Language is a common place to start exploring the ways in which women and men are culturally constructed through discourse and not just biologically determined." He brings up a good point in that through dialogue, both men and women can become more aware of the constraints placed on them by the socio-historical nature of language. I have been reading up on feminist pedagogy for a paper I am writing in my 615 class; the readings have led me to this very same notion of looking at language, how it is structured, who it is structured for, and how the history of language in many cases oppresses the voices of women. I think it might behoove Pope to add a little information about feminist pedagogy in an effort to show how composition teachers are trying expose language's failings as a way to use language to bring equality among genders. He does briefly discuss a variety of approaches such as the French approach and the Anglo-American and Australian approach but perhaps a small mention of feminist pedagogy would be helpful as well.