The School of Folklorists

The school of folklorists is a mixed group of adventurers and scholars, specialized in studying mythical creatures and folklore. The school teaches both offensive and defensive techniques, but the focus is on the defense and information collection. Folklorists are not overtly religious, lending power from whichever god seems the most suitable for the situation ahead.

Folk has 3 type of quests: basic, advanced and hard quests.
Xiaxulus is NPC in guild who gives more info.
Each quest gives you 10 spmax, so with all quests done, one can have +130 spmax.

Basic Quests:
  • zoology 101 - study 101 animals (easy one, just wander around and study)
  • cryptozoology 101 - study 101 mythical creatures (same)
  • anthropology 101 - study 101 humans (even easier)
  • living poison - kill 20 undeads with poison (Xia gives you wand, first cast spell 'living poison' at undead, then point with wand to confirm kill, then kill with spell 'herbal poison blast')
  • botany 101 - bring Xiaxulus 15 different fresh herbs (summer easiest time to do since most of plants can be found, need plant lore skill high as possible)

Advanced Quests:
  • the hunt - study a dragon, an angel, a unicorn, a vampire, a werewolf, a ghost, a basilisk, a pegasus, a yeti, and a minotaur. (no need to kill any of them, just go through different areas and find them... basilisk can be found in deserts, yeti in one newbie area at laenor)
  • advanced anthropology - study 501 humans (easy, since humans are most NPC's)
  • autopsy master - perform autopsy on 51 different races during one reboot (no easy way to do it, just run different areas with different mobs... petting zoo, beastlands etc)
  • vampireslayer - destroy a real vampire (can't be small, so Soy is acceptable unlike Lygoa)

Hard Quests:
  • kinemortology 101 - study 101 undeads (not easy at all, since undeads are mostly aggro)
  • dragonslayer - kill a dragon (not small dragon, so Pier wont give you quest, also note that some 'dragons' are draconians)
  • cryptozoology master - study 2001 mythical creatures (hard quest, to do it must run lot areas and do lot study)
  • folklorist arena champion - defeat all foes in the arena 

There are many races in BAT world.  So far, there are known 264 different races. 

Here they are:
amoeba, angel, ant, baboon, badger, banshee, barsoomian, basilisk, bat, bear, beast, beastman, beaver, bee, beetle, beholder, bird, blob, boar, brownie, buffalo, bug, bull, bullywug, bunny, butterfly, camel, cat, catfolk, cavewight, centaur, chicken, chimera, chipmunk, clam, cloaker, cow, crab, crocodile, cromagnon, cyclops, daemon, deer, demon, devil, digger, dinosaur, doe, dog, dolphin, donkey, doppelganger, draconian, dragon, dragonne, drake, drider, drow, dryad, duck, duergar, dwarf, eagle, earth golem, eel, 
efriiti, elemental, elephant, elf, ent, entity, error, eye-thing, eye_thing, fairy, ferret, fish, fish_with_no_eyes, fly, flying polyp, fox, fraggle, frog, fungus, gargoyle, gelatinous cube, genie, ghost, ghoul, giant, gibberling, giraffe, gnoll, gnome, gnu, goat, goblin, god, goddess, golem, gorgon, gorilla, great old one, gremlin, griffon, gug, hairy_creature, half-elf, half-orc, half_giant, harpy, head, hedgehog, hobbit, hobgoblin, homonculus, horse, hound, hulk, human, humanoid, hydra, imp, insect, jabberwocky, jackal, jellyfish, kender, kobold, ladybird, lamb, leech, lemming, leprechaun, lich, light, lion, lizard, lizard man, lizardman, louse, lurker, maggot, malnock, mammoth, manticore, mantis, marmot, medusa, merfolk, mind_flayer, minotaur, mole, monkey, monolith, monster, moomin, moose, mosquito, mound, mouse, mummy, mushroom, nagaae, newt, nightmare, nymph, ogre, ooze, orc, owl, owlbear, oyster, panther, pegasus, penguin, phantom, pig, pigeon, pixie, planetar, plant, platypus, pony, porcupine, pudding, rabbit, raccoon, ram, rat, reindeer, rhinoceros, robin, rodent, rooster, rust monster, sabretooth, salamander, satyr, scorpion, seahorse, seamonster, serpent, shadow, shark, sheep, shrike, skaven, skeleton, skunk, slime, slime_lord, slimy creature, slug, smurf, snail, snake, snootling, something, spectre, spider, spirit, sprite, squid, squirrel, starfish, stone golem, stonefish, swampmonster, swan, three_headed_hound, thrikhren, tiger, tinmen, titan, toad, tomato, tortoise, tree, troll, turkey, turtle, undead, unicorn, urchin, urvile, valar, vampire, vulture, werewolf, whale, wight, wind_walker, wolf, wolfman, wolverine, worm, wraith, wyrm, wyvern, yeti, zebra, zhentorian and zombie'

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