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JUST RELEASED! The Science BEHIND Soccer Nutrition, 2nd Edition.

A 2nd edition of our book wil be released in the upcoming weeks. The revised version contains updated information as well as new chapters all focused on helping players develop their individual nutritional strategy for maximizing performance. It will address key aspects of the soccer diet including:
  • How diet affects performance
  • Linking diet, energy and fatigue
  • How to build a better diet
  • Strategies for improving the diet
  • Pre-match and recovery nutrition
  • Dealing with a congested calendar
  • Gathering nutritional information
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NEW e-LEARNING COURSE!  "Soccer Diet: The Simplest Way to Improve Your Team's Performance"

Sports Path ™ and Professor Jay Williams have combined to develop this simple interactive online learning course and ongoing community.

 “Improving Player Performance is at the heart of this course and community" 

The overall purpose of the course and community is to assist coaches to improve the diet of their players with the goal of improving performance on the pitch.  Read more...

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