Statistical Service Officers Association, "Group B"
(SSOA) is the recognized association of group - B officers in Subordinate Statistical Service,Government of India.The association has been recognized by Government of India in June 2009.SSOA is the successor of All India Association of Assistant Superintendents, which was dissolved as a result of reorganization of the service due to formation of SSS.The first convention of SSOA, after new recognition, held on 26th and 27th August 2009, was inaugurated by Dr.Pronab Sen, Honourable Secretary to Government of India,MOS & PI and Chief Statistician of India.

At present all the members of SSS (both Grade I & II) can be the member of SSOA.

SSOA invites all the friends of SSS to be its proud member.
From 5 January 2013 the "Association Letters & Circular" page is being divided into two parts "Association Letters" where only letters submitted by the Association functionaries to different authorities will be made available and "Association Circulars" where internal circulars of the Association will be available. Earlier documents will be available in the "Association Circular" page.
It is requested to all Unit Secretaries to deposit 50% of annual membership contribution and any other contribution to the Central Association in the new bank account of SSOA, details of which are given below -
Name of Bank - Union Bank of India.
Branch - Moti Bagh, New Delhi - 110066.
Account Name - "S S O Association".
Account Number - 468301010130795.
IFSC - UBIN0546836.


The preparation for the observation of 2nd Protest Day tomorrow, 2 February 2015, is complete in all corners of the country. We will make this event a great success.

After successful First Day of Protest on 1st January 2015, we, the members of SSOA are preparing for next Protest Day on 2nd February 2015. The first circular regarding this is available on the "Circular Page" of this site as "Circular Regarding 2nd Protest Day on 2nd Feb 2015". All units and members are requested to make preparations for the 2nd Protest Day following the directions of the circular.

Important Intimations

The much awaited regular promotion order has ultimately been issued by SSS today, 6 April 2015. This is only due to the sustained effort by the Association at every level. This is a victory of our courage to fight. Other issues will also be fought out in this manner. Now enjoy!!!! The order is available in the "SSS Order" page of this site as "Promotion Order (Regular), SSO to JSO, 06.04.2015". However, there may be some omissions, all members who are eligible to get the promotion but can not find their names in the list must inform General Secretary and President immediately so that the Association may take up the issue, also they must write to the SSS authourities individually regarding this.

The first day of the year 2015 has been a great day of Association activity for SSOA. This day was scheduled to be observed as the Day of Protest by all members of SSOA. And, it has been an absolute successful one. Under the vibrant leadership of the present CEC the Protest Day observation was held in all corners of India, every member of SSOA has worn a Black Badge along with a Demand Badge explicating our unfulfilled demands. General Secretary visited SP Bhawan today along with other important members of SSOA and met Hon'ble Secretary and Joint Secretary MOSPI and submitted our matter along with the message of overwhelming participation in the first day of Protest Programme. Many messages, comments and pictures of the Protest Day observation is available in our Facebook and Whatsapp pages.

Friends, we have tried our best by putting forward our demands through peaceful negotiation to the authorities for a long period of time, but the most pressing and justified demands are yet to fulfilled. The authorities are non-responsive till date in the matters of —

(1) ACP/MACP in promotional hierarchy for all,

(2) Regularization of adhoc Statistical Investigator Gr-I (re-designated as Senior Statistical Officer),

(3) Implementation of Cadre Review,

(4) Immediate clearance of own cost transfers

and amongst others proper implementation of Board of Arbitration Award.

In order to make the authorities responsive and act towards implementation of these long standing demands SSOA has decided to undertake peaceful agitation programmes as per following schedule —

1. On 1 January 2015 all of our members will wear Black Badge and Demand Badge simultaneously throughout the day.

2. On 2 February 2015, during recess hours (Lunch hour) at 1.30 P.M to 2.00 P.M. (or as the case may be) the members must demonstrate through slogans and meeting in front of their respective office gates (never within the office premises).

General Secretary has already written to The Hon’ble Secretary & CSI in this regard, copy of this letter (as “GS letter to CSI on Protest Programmes, dt- 22.12.2014”) is available in the “Association Letters” page of this site. And the Circular from the General Secretary (as “SSOA Circular on Protest Day Observation, dated 26.12.2014”) is available in the “Association Circulars” page of this site.

Unit Secretaries and all members are requested to organize the Protest Day observation on 1st January a grand success, all unit secretaries must send a mail to the General Secretary reporting the participation on 1st January in the afternoon.

The format of the DEMAND BADGE is to be downloaded from the "Downloads" page of this site which is available there as the file "DEMAND BADGE for Protest Day 01.01.2015"

President, General Secretary and CEC SSOA

A brief update for our SSOA members
It is quite appreciated by all that SSOA is making every effort in getting pending issues resolved, without any more time loss. This time ‘TEAM SSOA’ lead by our General Secretary, Sri. A.S.Chaudhary supported with Sri.Patwari, Mr.Iqbal Waris and others had made a visit to S.P.Bhavan on 25/11/2014 and met our Hon’ble Secretary, MoSPI and other higher officials impressing the genuine demands of our SSS cadre by recalling SSOA ‘s discussion on 7th Nov 14.
With regard to
(i) The regularisation of SSOs, it was informed that the clearance from Government side is almost complete and it may happen any time.
(ii) The much awaited transfer of JSOs and SSOs, Hon’ble Secretary, in presence of SSOA TEAM called our ADG madam over telephone and advised to send the list of transfer immediately to DG so that action can be taken immediately.
(iii) ACP in functional scale to left out senior officers and retired officers, Hon’ble Secretary instructed to make arrangements for the special committee to clear, as early as possible. Opinion of DoPT also obtained by sending officials from SSS.
(iv) Arbitration award of Rs 75/-: Deputy Secretary expressed his opinion that as per the correct interpretation of extant rules and court verdicts the demand of staff side appears to be a reasonable one. However, necessary orders would be issued depending upon the Hon’ble high court, Hyderabad.
(v) grant of entitlements, Hon’ble Secretary in principle agreed to sanction the same entitlements of CSO officials to NSSO(FOD) officers also in the case of kit items like brief case and News paper reimbursements etc.,
We thank our Hon’ble Secretary Shri.T.C.A. Anant and other higher officers at MoSPI, for providing another opportunity to communicate the feelings of SSS officials on different issues and his instant response for speedy solutions.

The letter submitted to the Hon'ble Secretary on the occassion is uploaded in the "Association Letters" page of this site as "Letter to Secretary, dated - 24.11.2014".

CEC Meeting of SSOA held on 7&8 November 2014 was a great success. The minutes of the Meeting is available in the "CEC Meeting" page of this site as"Minutes of CEC Meeting of 7th & 8th November 2014."

CEC Meeting of SSOA is going to be held on 7 & 8 November 2014 at New Delhi. The notice is available in the "CEC Meeting" page of this site as"CEC Meeting Notice, 7 & 8 November 2014".
It is a great pleasure to announce that SSOA through its President Shri K. R. Sundaramamani & 13 others had file the case for MACP in promotional hierarchy in CAT Chennai Bench. Hon'ble CAT has passed the favourable verdict for us and directed the Govt. to issue order within a period of eight weeks. The copy of the verdict is available in the "Court Cases" page of this site as "Vedict of MACP in Promotional Hierarchy case by CAT Chennai". This verdict will have far reaching effect, all eligible SSS personnel will get the 1st MACP in GP 4600, 2nd in GP 5400 (PB3) & the 3rd in GP 6600 (PB3). 

General Secretary has issued a circular requesting every member to contribute Rs. 1000/- per head through Unit Secretaries in order to meet the expenditures of various court cases and activities. The circular may be found in Association Circular page as "SSOA Circular dated - 22.09.2014. special contribution reg."

It is a good news that many of us in SSS have been granted 3rd MACP in Gr. Pay 6600 (PB3). But, many others have not got it. We are always concerned that all of us in SSS should get all benefits. As the first step towards this we are requesting all seniors (presently in service and retired after 01.09.2008) who had completed 30 years of service before 01.09.2014 but not been awarded MACP in GP 6600 to submit a representation to the Secretary MOSPI regarding this immediately. A circular in this regard along with formats of representation is uploaded in the "Association Circular" and the "Download" pages of this site as "Circular & Formats of representations on MACP anomaly".
Towards the effort to extend the benefit of 3rd MACP in GP 6600 to one and all of our friends in SSS we were the first to move the issue of MACP in Promotional Hierarchy  way back in September 2013. The process is going on. We are going to file a Court case in this issue very soon. If anyone of you have not submitted the individual representation in this regard to the office may please submit this immediately, the format of such representation is already available in the download page of this site as "Format of Individual Representation reg. MACP".

All earlier "Important Intimations" are available in the "Association Circular" page as "SSOA - Important Intimations, vol. I & II".


Recent Announcements

  • General Secretary's Circular regarding the Meeting on 17 July 2014 with JS, MOS&PI


    I, along with my team from Delhi, met the Joint Secretary, MOS&PI, on 17 July 2014 to discuss several burning issues. The discussion, which was very encouraging, may be summed up as below —

    Firstly, the issue of regularization came up, Joint Secretary told that the process of regularization is stalled due to certain complications. Next came discussion on ACP, Joint Secretary assured that the case of the officials who are left out till now from the award of ACP will be soon taken up on the request of SSOA. He also told that MACP in promotional hierarchy issue, which was first raised and taken up by SSOA only, will be given utmost priority. Moreover, he agreed to reconsider the matter of cadre review on our demand. Long standing effort of SSOA in the matter of creation of better promotional prospect seems to have bearing results, as the JS told that 20 additional posts of JTS have been sanctioned which are to be filled up soon, similar initiatives are being taken for filling up of SSO & JSO vacancies. It was demanded that the periodic review of vacancies and posting on transfer of SSOs & JSOs to be done for betterment of working conditions and personnel and there should be representation of the Association in the “Transfer Committee” — JS has agreed to look into the matter. We also demanded that the Association should be consulted regarding the designation of the posts as the present one has some reservations amongst some concerned and there should be immediate gazette notification of posting and transfer of SSOs — Joint Secretary has agreed on both account. Lastly, we placed that since the field condition of FOD is much arduous for both SSOs and JSOs the Arbitration Award of Special Pay may be extended to all in FOD — JS said that if SSOA has new ideas and logic for the same he will do his best to resolve the issue. Further there were discussions on self-certification of food bills and field allowance to which JS’s attitude was very positive.

    With best wishes

    A. S. Chaudhary

    Genaral Secretary.



    Posted Jul 20, 2014, 9:08 PM by Statistical Services Officers Association
  • Letter of Invitation from the Chairman of Organizing Committee of All India Biennial GB Meeting


    All Unit Secretaries / CEC Members / Members



    Dear Friends,

                    I, on behalf of SSOA and the Organizing Committee of All India Biennial General Body Meeting of SSOA, Group “B”, 6-7 June 2014, welcome you all to this Great, Picturesque and Historic city of Bhopal, situated right in the Heart of India, founded in 11th century by famous Raja Bhoja.

                    We are thankful to our CEC for entrusting us with the enormous responsibility of organizing the GB Meeting. Now, it is our turn to make it a grand success. All the units are requested to send their two delegates and observers as many as they wish.

                    The delegation fee has been fixed as Rs. 500.00 per person.

                    The venue of the Meeting and lodging is as below —

                                    MLA Rest House,

                                    Block No. 2,

                                    Opposite Old Vidhan Sabha, Bhopal.

    Distance: 5 KM from both Bhopal Main Railway Station and Habibganj Railway Station. One should go out through platform no. 5 of the earlier and platform no. 1 of the later.

                    Contact Persons are—

    1.       Shri B. K. Goyal, Chairman of the Reception Committee, mobile no. +919893512123.

    2.       Shri Ashutosh Trivedi, SO, mobile no. 09981668592.

    3.       Shri Rajeev Kumar Singh, ASO, mobile no. 08516990679.

    Kindly intimate me through telephone or email @ bkgoyal.1958@gmail.com regarding your arrival for GB Meeting well in advance.

    With best wishes to make the GB Meeting a grand success.

    Friendly Yours

    B. K. Goyal,


    Organizing Committee,

    All India Biennial General Body Meeting,

    SSOA, Group “B”, 6-7 June 2014.



    Posted Jun 1, 2014, 12:15 PM by Statistical Services Officers Association
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