Special Session Objective

With the continuous deployment of IoT vast amounts of data are being recorded that can to be analysed in order to reveal interesting relationships, detect events and uncover so far unforeseen and unknown patterns. The complexity of this data, for example due to its realtime nature and heterogenity is expected to surpass much of today’s scientifc knowhow and will require a multi-disciplinary approach in generating methods, tools and algorithms to exploit its potential in terms of value such as generating novel business models impacting entire industry sectors. The field of data analytics, especially Big Data provides a starting point for much of the tools and algorithms.

IoT scenarios are intended to manage particularly sensitive data and any information leakage could seriously compromise users’ privacy. Therefore security and privacy are going to be key factors for the deployment of new applications, since IoT stakeholders will only accept these deployments if these are based on secure, trustworthy and privacy-preserving infrastructures. Unlike the current Internet, IoT ecosystems are expected to be composed by a potentially huge amount of heterogeneous smart objects which can be remotely monitored and accessed anytime, anywhere. In addition, IoT communication patterns are often based on short and volatile associations between entities without a previously established trust link.


  • Security and Privacy Framework for IoT
  • Security and Privacy-preserving mechanisms
  • Data Analytics and Privacy
  • Massive IoT Data and Smart Cities
  • Urban Dynamics
  • User Data and Privacy
  • Trust in Smart Cities

 Special Session Organizers

Dr. Antonio Skarmeta, University of Murcia, Spain  skarmeta@um.es

Dr. Mirko Presser, Alexandra Institute, Denmark  mirko.presser@alexandra.dk

Important Dates

 Paper submission opens  early August 2015
 Paper submission deadline  4th September 2015
 Acceptance Notification  7th October 2015
(new date)
 Camera Ready  31st October 2015