DSGE Research Center

Welcome to DSGE Research Center

The main purpose of DSGE research center is to enhance the research environment for those who analyze theoretic and empirical issues of economics by using the approach of Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium.

The members of DSGE research center hold a regular seminar each month to cover various recent issues in macroeconomics, monetary economics, international economics, and financial economics. The presentation materials of this seminar series can be downloaded from the webpage of DSGE research center.

The DSGE research center hosts occasional research conferences. Each conference has a narrowed focus on important ongoing topics in macroeconomics, monetary economics, international economics, and financial economics. The participants of conferences are invited to submit their papers to special issues in academic journals.


Search for a New Framework in the Analysis of the Korean Economy: Based on a New Perspective about Emerging Market Countries.

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Korea Economic Association and the National Research Foundation of Korea Grant funded by the Korean government (NRF-2014S1A3A2044637) for our research activities.

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