2006 Supplement
Reviews of Paul Swanson and Clark Chilson, editors. The Nanzan Guide to Japanese Religions and Richard Bowring. The Religious Traditions of Japan, 500-1600

2005 Supplement
Cosmic Disk: Mediating the Kumano Jikkai Mandala on DVD
(David Plath, Ronald Toby, Brian Ruppert, and Valerie Barske)

2004 Supplement
Power, Veneration, and Identity: New Research on Ritual in Japan
(Lori Meeks and Reiko Sono)

2003 Supplement
Rethinking Japanese Religion through Images and Structures
(Samuel Morse, Andrew Watsky, and James Foard)

2002 Supplement
Ritual, Gender, and Politics in Modern Shinto
(Sarah Thal and Rosemarie Bernard)

2001 Supplement

A Discussion of Jacqueline Stone's Original Enlightenment and the Transformation of Medieval Japanese Buddhism
(James Dobbins, Ryûichi Abé, and Jacqueline Stone)

2000 Supplement
What Should We Be Studying Now? (A Roundtable Discussion)
(Gary Ebersol, Richard Jaffe, John Nelson, and Paul Watt)

1999 Supplement
Reviewing Karen Smyers' The Fox and the Jewel: Shared and Private Meanings in Japanese Inari Worship
(David Plath, James Foard, and Karen Smyers)

1998 Supplement
A Discussion of Edmund Gilday's The Gods Come Dancing
(Irit Averbuch and Edmund Gilday)