AAR Japanese Relgions Group

American Academy of Religion Japanese Religions Group

The Japanese Religions Group is a forum for scholars of different disciplines, including textual, historical, anthropological, sociological, ritual, artistic, and other areas of study, using different methodological approaches, to present their research findings on various aspects and forms of Japanese religious life in the past and in the contemporary setting, within Japan and other areas of the world where these forms have been transplanted or have come to exert influence.



Barbara Ambros (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)




Mark Rowe (McMaster University)



Steering Committee:

Heather Blair (Indiana University)



Clark Chilson (University of Pittsburgh)



Michael Como (Columbia University)



Sarah Horton



Asuka Sango (Carleton College)


2011 Call for Papers

We invite panel and individual proposals related to all aspects of Japanese religious practice and thought, both historical and contemporary. For 2010 we welcome proposals relating to, but not confined by, the following topics: 1) Japan and the Mediterranean (e.g., the 16th/17th-century encounter with Iberian Christianity; using the Mediterranean Sea as a model for Japanese religious flows across the Inland Sea/the Sea of Japan); 2) Material/Visual Culture; 3) Daoism/Onmyôdô; 4) Ethnography; 5) Spirituality in Contemporary Japan; and 6) Concepts/Theories of Religion in Japan. In submitting proposals, please follow the AAR guidelines carefully. Panel proposals should include a panel abstract and individual paper abstracts submitted as a complete package by the panel organizer. Proposals that include explicit reflection on the study of religion more broadly are preferred. Creative formats (film, organized discussion, 'workshop,' etc.) are encouraged.