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All forms needed for 2017-18 school year can be found at the bottom of this page.


Events Calendar
(listing of Events we have to work)
If you cannot work an event you are scheduled to work, you MUST notify the crew chief AND the Production Manager NO LATER THAN two weeks prior to that event!  

The "Booking Start and End Times" are just a general booking time frame.  The actual start/end times as well as Crew call times will be set by the Sponsor and/or Crew chiefs and will be notes, when possible, in the Description column.

This is the overall Event Calendar.  Event info can be found by clicking the event on the calendar.

Auditorium & Events Schedule

Below is the class deadline calendar.  On this calendar will be listed all major event and especially production deadlines for each show Tech will be working on for SSHS Theatre:

SSHS Tech Team

Class Documents & Forms Links
(You will need SketchUp installed on computer to be able to open files)