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(Perhaps 'Shohei SHIMIZU' might sound like 'Show hey SHE ME ZOO'. )

Me in 2015 Hikone Castle, right next to our campus

Associate Professor
The Center for Data Science Education and Research
Shiga University

Cross-Appointed at the Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University

Team Leader, Causal Inference Team, 
RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project

Email: shohei-shimizu at biwako.shiga-u.ac.jp
News and tweets: sshimizu2006

Research scientist and postdoctoral researcher position in machine learning, signal processing, statistics, and causality available in our group.


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Statistical Science and Causal Discovery

I work on developing novel statistical methods to analyze data observed in social sciences, biomedical sciences, and natural sciences. The key is causal reasoning: Brief introduction and current research focus.

 Recent Highlights:

 The LiNGAM Project:

This project develops semiparametric methods for learning mathematical models known as structural equation models. An important application of those methods is causal discovery.