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Fishery and Aquaculture country Profile: The Lao People's Democratic Republic

Fisheries Statistics

Fishery Statistical Bulletin of Southeast Asia 2013 

From Fishery Statistical Bulletin of Southeast Asia 2013 compiled by ICSF: Statistics

Fish Production of Lower Mekong region countries (FAO FISHSTAT Accessed on 18 April, 2016)

Human Rights Declaration

ASEAN Human Rights Declaration 

ASEAN Human Rights Declaration (AHRD) and the Phnom Penh Statement on the Adoption of the AHRD and Its Translations 

The Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Elimination of Violence Against Children in ASEAN 

ASEAN Declaration on Strengthening Social Protection 

Human Development Report 2015: Lao People's Democratic Republic


IFAD: Sustainability of rural development projects Lao People’s Democratic Republic Case Study

The Siem Reap meet proceedings: Asserting rights, defining responsibilities: Perspectives from small-scale fishing communities on coastal and fisheries management in Asia - Workshop and symposium 3-8 May 2007, Siem Reap, Cambodia. Chennai, ICSF, 2007. 103p. 

Constitution of Lao PDR

SEAFDEC: Report of the Technical Working Group Meeting of the Joint Fisheries Management between Cambodia and Lao PDR

SEAFDEC: Report of the 1st Meeting of the Technical Working Group for Fisheries Management in Trans-boundary Areas between Cambodia and Lao PDR

World Bank: Lao PDR : National Growth and Poverty Eradication Strategy

World Bank: Lao PDR: The Poverty Reduction Fund

World Bank: Country Summary Report – Lao PDR

FAO: Lao PDR: FAO Country Programming Framework For Lao PDR 2013-2015

Lao PDR: Country Analysis Report: Lao People’s Democratic Republic

MRC: Lao PDR: An Introduction to the Fisheries of Lao PDR 

MRC: Lao PDR: Fisheries in Lao PDR /by Mekong River Commission

WFC: Lao PDR: Culture-based Fisheries Development in Lao PDR and Cambodia

WFC: Lao PDR: Community management of Mekong River resources in Laos

WFC: Vietnam and Lao PDR: Aquaculture in the mountains of the northern Lao PDR and northern Vietnam

WFC: Participation by Women Fishers in Community-Based Fisheries on the Mekong River, Lao PDR

Lao PDR: Ratifications for Lao People's Democratic Republic

Lao PDR: Up-to-date Conventions not ratified by Lao People's Democratic Republic

Lao PDR: National report submitted in accordance with paragraph 5 of the annex to Human Rights Council resolution 16/21:

Lao PDR: The Fifth National Report To The United Nations Convention On Biological Diversity

Lao PDR: National Report On The Implementation Of The Ramsar Convention On Wetlands

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Comparing what matters with what is done: fisheries and aquaculture in the Lao PDR, Simon R. Bush. 20p.

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