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FAO Fisheries Country Profile

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World development indicators 2016 – Pakistan

Resumption of Fisheries Exports from Pakistan to European Union - Video

An overview of shark fishing in Pakistan: Interaction with tuna fisheries

Pakistan: Pakistan National Strategy and Action Plan

Indus Water Treaty and Managing Shared Water Resources for the Benefit of Basin States – Policy Issues and Options

Integrating environmental safeguards into flood relief, response and recovery

Climate Change Disaster Management in Pakistan

Climate Change Water Vulnerabilities in Pakistan

Community Perceptions On Climate Change in Bagrote Valley, Pakistan A Case Study

EIA Guidance for Large-Scale Hydropower in Pakistan




Samudra Report Articles

Pakistan: Anxiety-ridden fishing communitySamudra Report No. 39, 2004.

Pakistan: Proudly Fishers. Samudra Report No. 59, 2011.

Yemaya Newsletter Articles

Asia / Pakistan : A Life of Truth and Struggle. Yemaya Issue No. 48 , March 2015

Asia/ Pakistan : A bleak future. Yemaya Issue No. 9 , April 2002

Asia/ Pakistan : Not a rosy picture. Yemaya Issue No. 17 , December 2004

Asia / Pakistan : Ready for the struggle. Yemaya Issue No. 20 , December 2005

Profile : Bhagi: Leading by example. Yemaya Issue No. 35 , November 2010

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