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Reading Materials

We have created a set of material which will help our delegates prepare for the conference. These are noted as required reading in the table below: 

 Activity    Description
 Required Reading Concept Paper -- Please read the SSE conference concept paper.

 Required Reading SSE Timeline Quotes -- as spoken by Swami in His Divine Discourses over the years.

 Required ReadingSSE Conference Quotes -- selected quotes put together by the Education Committee on the following topic areas: The Five Human Values, Teacher as Exemplar, 3HV, Unity of Faiths,  Environment and Culture of Love, Parent Involvement, Unity in Diversity, Technology and its Impact on the Mind of the Child, Ceiling on Desires (control over impulsiveness), Adolescent (Youth) Culture.

 Required Reading SSE Conference Discourses -- a few of Swami's discourses on SSE have been selected by the Education Committee and provided as reading material.