Welcome to Special Programs With Mr. Scimeca:
I am the school social worker and CSE/CPSE Chairperson.  Please contact my office to discuss concerns you may have regarding your child's response to academics, social issues, family concerns, etc.  If I am not available, our department secretary, Michelle Keaney, can be reached at x114.  She can field most concerns and relay time-sensitive information to me accordingly.

Contact Information:
Office Hours: 
  • By Appointment 
  • Most days I am available to meet same day, however some days this is just not possible.
My Email: rscimeca@sharonsprings.org
    Phone: 518.284.2266 x116

Communication Policies:
  • I will accept calls from 8:00 to  4:00  weekdays only
  • Note: Please allow me 24 hours to respond to any form of communication you use to contact me with
  • Note: My preferred method of communication is email or phone.
Physical Address:
Sharon Springs Central School
514 State Highway 20
Sharon Springs, NY 13459
Fax: (518) 284-9033

How to Navigate My Website:
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