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Every Friday an assignment sheet will be posted on Schoology containing: daily reading assignments, daily questions to answer, chapter quiz and test dates, DBQ and Thematic Essay due dates. The links above will take you to the assignment sheet for the class listed. Please check the site for the assignment sheet, that way you will know what work your child has and when it is due. 


Grades are determined by the work your child does in and outside of the classroom. They are broken into two categories: Preparation and Tests. These categories are weighted equally. Preparation grades include worksheets, quizzes, regents review quizzes, and class participation. Test grades include chapter tests, thematic essays, and DBQ essays. All essays must be typed.


Extra credit assignments are available. They are not given as “busy work” but as an opportunity for your child to improve their grade and their understanding of the topic being covered at that time.


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