7th Grade US History Period 3:                  (Native Americans through the American Civil War)
7th Grade US History Period 6:                  (Native Americans through the American Civil War)
8th Grade US History Period 7:                  (American Civil War through Present)
11th Grade USHAG 1st Period:                  (American History and Government)
11th Grade USHAG 9th Period:                  (American History and Government)

Advising and Clubs:
Class of 2017                                               (Upcoming events)
RPG Club                                                     (Keeping Current)

Contact Information:
My Email: Best Way to Contact Me!!!

If you have not emailed anyone at the school before please use the mr.nedelsky@hotmail 
so that you do not get caught up in the school filter.

It does not hurt to send to both addresses.

Phone Messages: New this year!!!
   This year I would like for you to be able to reach me whenever you have a question. As a result I am getting away from the school number and using my personal       cell phone. This way you can text or call me directly. If you text please include your name and connect to your student. Since this is my personal line I am asking          that you treat it as you would a business. In most cases calls or texts made between 8 am to 9 pm will be answered the same day. Please allow me up to 24 hours        to respond to any form of communication that you use to contact me with. If for some reason that I do not respond within 24 hours please feel free to contact me      again.
  • My personal Cell: 1-518-428-7107
    Do to the fact that there are no outside phone lines from the classroom, messages on the school system will not be checked. 
    If your call is urgent please call my personal cell or call the School number below and have the office email me or call up to my classroom.
  • School Number: 1-518-284-2266
Communication Policies:
  • When calling please leave a message. If your message is urgent please have the front desk contact me. Unlike emails which are checked continuously from my classroom; phone messages are limited to a few times a day when I can get to a phone.
  • Note: Please allow me 24 hours to respond to any form of communication you use to contact me with.
  • Note: It is always a good practice to include your name and your student's name when leaving any message.
  • Note: My preferred method of communication is email. I check emails continuously throughout the day.
Physical Address:
Sharon Springs Central School
514 State Highway 20
Sharon Springs, NY 13459
Fax: (518) 284-9033

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