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APS Convention 2011: Upcoming Highlights

posted Mar 8, 2011, 8:13 AM by SSCP Calendar   [ updated Mar 8, 2011, 11:29 AM ]
Mark your calendars for the APS 2011 Convention this May 26-29 in Washington, DC. SSCP and APS have lined up a fascinating array of programming at the conference, including:

SSCP Programming

  • SSCP Distinguished Scientist Award invited address by Dick Bootzin"If Sleep is so Important, Why Do We Get So Little of It? Advances in Understanding and Treating Insomnia"
    • Abstract: Good quality sleep is intricately entwined with our health, sense of well-being, productivity, emotion regulation, memory and cognitive functioning, and positive social interaction. Yet, the stresses of daily life, 24-hour businesses, sleep-disrupting technology such as instant messaging, late-night TV, computer gaming, and social networks put pressure on sleep leading to sleep deprivation and the development of insomnia. A developmental perspective underscores the conclusion that persistent sleep disturbance, insomnia, at any time during the life span from infancy to old age has a lasting impact. Bootzin will provide vivid illustrations of the paradox we face and explore how we can live our lives in the 21st century without destroying our sleep and all that it affects.
  • SSCP Presidential Address by Varda Shoham: "The Elusive Independent Variable in Psychosocial Intervention Research"
    • Abstract: Although many efficacious behavioral treatments exist, patients in community settings rarely receive them. In contrast to pharmacotherapy, the fidelity of a behavioral intervention rests disproportionally on what clinicians do and don’t do – the illusive, multi-component independent variable of psychosocial intervention research. Narrowing the science-practice gap will depend on finding efficient and effective ways to assess, enhance, and maintain the fidelity of empirically-supported psychosocial treatments in real-world settings.
  • Clinical Science Form chaired by former SSCP President Howard Garb: "Perspectives on Diagnostic Systems"
    • Abstract: The theoretical underpinnings of diagnostic systems will be examined. Conceptual views of such systems are related to theories on the relation between symptoms and constructs. Disorders can be viewed as causal systems, the constructions of clinical scientists, or as latent variables measured through clusters of symptoms. These competing views will be discussed.
    • Speakers: Denny Boorsboom, Lee Anna Clark, Thomas Widiger

Clinical Track Programming: Invited Symposia

Student Events