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SSCP Program at APS 2013

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Clinical Forum

Address: Bruce Cuthbert

            Discussant – Bob Krueger

            Discussant – Elaine Walker

Symposium: "Beyond the Guild: Innovative Models to Expand Dissemination Science in Mental Health."


Marc S. Atkins, Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago Kimberly Eaton Hoagwood, Ph.D., New York University


Mary M. McKay, Ph.D., LCSW, New York University Jenna Watling-Neal, Ph.D., Michigan State University Lawrence Wissow, M.D., Johns Hopkins University


David Chambers, D. Phil., National Institute of Mental Health


APS – Clinical Track – 2013

SSCP – Distinguished Scientist Address

SSCP – Presidential Address – Michelle Craske

Address – Edna Foa

Address – Ken Kendler

Address – Denny Borsboom – co-sponsored with method track

2 hours – Symposium: Paul Meehl’s Legacy

            Scott Lilienfeld

            Ken Kendler

            Denny Borsboom

Bob Krueger

            Howard Garb


Symposium in Honor of Susan Nolan-Hoeksema


Reflections on Rumination: In memory of Susan Nolen-Hoeksema

Chair: Ed Watkins

Discussant: James Gross


Rumination: translation from the lab to the clinic

Ed Watkins


Stressful Life Events as a Determinant of Rumination: Longitudinal Associations among Early Adolescents and Adults

Katie A. McLaughlin, Louisa A. Michl, & Susan Nolen-Hoeksema


Cognitive Control in High- vs. Low-Ruminating Youth

Authors: Lori M. Hilt, Brian T. Leitzke, and Seth D. Pollak


Adaptive Self-Reflection: Psychological Distance and the Emotional Disorders

Blair E. Wisco & Susan Nolen-Hoeksema


A contextual examination of emotion regulation strategies and psychopathology

Authors: Amelia Aldao & Susan Nolen-Hoeksema





SSCP Program at APA 2013

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Invited Address

Speaker: Bruce Chorpita, PhD, University of California Los Angeles, Professor

Title: Dissemination in the context of designing effective mental health systems


Panel Discussion

Title: Top 10 Lessons Learned from Disseminating Evidence-Based Interventions in Real World Settings

Chair: Joanna Arch, PhD, University of Colorado, Boulder


1.    Shirley Glynn, PhD, VA West Los Angeles Healthcare System, Clinical Research Psychologist

2.    Steven Hollon PhD, Vanderbilt University, Gertrude Conaway Professor of Psychology

3.    Art Nezu, PhD, Drexel University, Distinguished University Professor of Psychology

4.    Terry Wilson, PhD, Rutgers University, Oscar Krisen Buros Professor of Psychology

5.    Robyn Walser, PhD, Associate Director for the National Center for PTSD Training and Dissemination Division at the Palo Alto VA Health Care System

APS Convention 2012: Events Planned by SSCP

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Here are some of the APS events planned by SSCP and the Academy of Psychological Clinical Science for the clinical track.

1. SSCP Distinguished Scientiest Award Address - William Pelham - "Are We Overmedicating America's Children? Psychosocial, Pharmacological, Combined, and Sequenced Interventions for ADHD"

2. SSCP President Address - Richard Heimberg - "Teach Your Students Well: Mentoring Doctoral Students to be Clinical Scientists in the 21st Century"

3. Clinical Track Address – David Barlow, Boston University - "Science and Practice in clinical psychology in 2012 and beyond"

4. Clinical Track Address – Joseph Gone, University of Michigan - “Culture as Treatment for American Indian Mental Health Problems: Pursuing Evidence through Community Collaborations”

5.  Symposium - Advances and Applications in Single Case Design (Methodology and Clinical Tracks)

  • Presenter: Thomas Kratochwill, University of Wisconsin
  • Presenter: Matthew Nock, Harvard University
  • Presenter: Patrick Onghena, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium
  • Discussant: David Barlow, Boston University
6. Symposium - Gene-Environment Interactions of Psychological Traits (Biological/Neuroscience and Clinical Tracks)
  • Presenter: Elizabeth Hayden, University of Western Ontario, Canada 
  • Presenter: Danielle Dick, Virginia Institute for Psychiatric and Behavioral Genetics 
  • Presenter: S. Alexandra Burt, Michigan State University

7.  Symposium - Current Directions in ADHD Research (Cognitive and Clinical Tracks)

  • Presenter: Cynthia Huang-Pollock, Pennsylvania State University
  • Presenter: Tiago V. Maia, Columbia University
  • Presenter: Rick Mayes, University of Richmond
  • Presenter: Richard Milich, University of Kentucky

8.  Thursday Morning Clinical Psychology Workshop: Title:  Treating Couples Struggling with Infidelity

  • Douglas K. Snyder, Texas A & M

9.  Thursday Afternoon Psychology Forum: Title: Organizational Efforts to Disseminate and Implement Empirically-Supported Interventions in Health Care 

  • Chair: Lea R. Dougherty, Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park
  • Chair/Discussant: Antonette Zeiss, Ph.D., Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Presenter: Afsoon Eftekhari, Ph.D., National Center for PTSD
  • Presenter: Patricia Resick, Ph.D., ABPP, National Center for PTSD
  • Presenter: Shirley M. Glynn, Ph.D, VA Office of Mental Health Services
  • Presenter: Kellie Crowe, Ph.D., Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center
  • Presenter: Bradley E. Karlin, Ph.D., VA Central Office

10.  Thursday Afternoon Psychology Forum:  “Redefining Clinical Science Training: Progress Report on the Delaware Project"

  • Chair: Varda Shoham, Ph.D., University of Arizona and the National Institute of Mental Health
  • Lisa Onken, Ph.D., National Institute on Drug Abuse, Redefining the Clinical Science Vision
  • Howard Berenbaum, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Redefining Coursework
  • Robert W. Levenson, University of California, Berkeley, Redefining Practicum
  • Bruce F. Chorpita, University of California, Los Angeles, Redefining Externship
  • Timothy J. Strauman, Duke University, Redefining Internship
  • Kimberly Hoagwood, Columbia University, Redefining Postdoctoral Experience
  • Varda Shoham, University of Arizona and the National Institute of Mental Health, Redefining Training Continuities

APS Convention 2011: Upcoming Highlights

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Mark your calendars for the APS 2011 Convention this May 26-29 in Washington, DC. SSCP and APS have lined up a fascinating array of programming at the conference, including:

SSCP Programming

  • SSCP Distinguished Scientist Award invited address by Dick Bootzin"If Sleep is so Important, Why Do We Get So Little of It? Advances in Understanding and Treating Insomnia"
    • Abstract: Good quality sleep is intricately entwined with our health, sense of well-being, productivity, emotion regulation, memory and cognitive functioning, and positive social interaction. Yet, the stresses of daily life, 24-hour businesses, sleep-disrupting technology such as instant messaging, late-night TV, computer gaming, and social networks put pressure on sleep leading to sleep deprivation and the development of insomnia. A developmental perspective underscores the conclusion that persistent sleep disturbance, insomnia, at any time during the life span from infancy to old age has a lasting impact. Bootzin will provide vivid illustrations of the paradox we face and explore how we can live our lives in the 21st century without destroying our sleep and all that it affects.
  • SSCP Presidential Address by Varda Shoham: "The Elusive Independent Variable in Psychosocial Intervention Research"
    • Abstract: Although many efficacious behavioral treatments exist, patients in community settings rarely receive them. In contrast to pharmacotherapy, the fidelity of a behavioral intervention rests disproportionally on what clinicians do and don’t do – the illusive, multi-component independent variable of psychosocial intervention research. Narrowing the science-practice gap will depend on finding efficient and effective ways to assess, enhance, and maintain the fidelity of empirically-supported psychosocial treatments in real-world settings.
  • Clinical Science Form chaired by former SSCP President Howard Garb: "Perspectives on Diagnostic Systems"
    • Abstract: The theoretical underpinnings of diagnostic systems will be examined. Conceptual views of such systems are related to theories on the relation between symptoms and constructs. Disorders can be viewed as causal systems, the constructions of clinical scientists, or as latent variables measured through clusters of symptoms. These competing views will be discussed.
    • Speakers: Denny Boorsboom, Lee Anna Clark, Thomas Widiger

Clinical Track Programming: Invited Symposia

Student Events

Conference: Association of Psychologists in Academic Health Centers (APAHC)

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4th Annual Conference
October 15-17, 2009
St. Louis, MO

Theme: "Facing Tomorrow's Challenges to Academic Health Center Programs and Careers"

See attached conference brochure and schedule for more information.

Call for Abstracts: Association for the Advancement of Philosophy & Psychiatry

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22nd Annual Meeting
May 22nd & 23rd, 2010
New Orleans, LA

Theme: Philosophical Issues in Evidence-Based Psychiatry

See attached announcement for more information.

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