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Why Join SSCP?

Why join SSCP?  Membership allows participation in a vibrant organization that is a unique voice for clinical science. As highlighted below, membership in SSCP provides a number of benefits and contributes to the broader goal of promoting science in clinical psychology.

  1. The members of SSCP influence the policies and programs of Division 12 and APA. We have a Representative on the Division 12 Executive Committee. This is critical as we continue to encounter training and credentialing issues. A number of our members have served as officers of Division 12 including presidents of the Division (e.g., David Barlow, Martin Seligman, Jerry Davison, to name just a few). Other SSCP members have served on the Division 12 Task Force on the Promotion and Dissemination of Psychological Interventions (involved in the identification of empirically supported treatments). Our members’ involvement with Division 12 and APA provides opportunities for SSCP’s views to be heard within APA. SSCP also sponsors symposia and a student poster session at the annual APA meetings in conjunction with Division 12. Although we work closely to influence activities and policy within APA, members of SSCP do not need to be members of either Division 12 or APA.
  2. SSCP provides representation for clinical science within the Association for Psychological Science (APS; formerly the American Psychological Society). No other clinical organization provides a voice across the two major national psychology organizations. Within APS, we typically have at least one member of the Executive Board from SSCP serving on the convention program committee. This provides an additional opportunity for science-based clinical presentations at a national psychological conference. Additionally, we offer a student poster session at APS with an annual student poster award.
  3. Another substantial activity of SSCP is to recognize and support outstanding achievements in scientific clinical psychology. This includes awards to both established investigators and exceptional graduate students. We provide an annual Distinguished Scientist Award to individuals who have made major contributions to clinical psychology and who represent the goals of SSCP by demonstrating the integration of science and practice. As noted above, we have sponsored SSCP student poster sessions at both APA and APS. As part of the student poster sessions, the Executive Board meets with each presenter to discuss their research as part of our effort to cultivate and reward student research involvement. Students with outstanding posters at APA and APS receive a $200 award. We also have annual SSCP Dissertation Grant Awards, which provide support for student research and reward the outstanding science being conducted by our student members ($2,500 in dissertation grants were awarded in 2005).
  4. In addition to providing student awards, we seek to support student training in other ways, including the SSCP Internship Directory. We have developed and published a guide to science-based training and clinical research experiences offered by internship programs that is not available from any other resource. The Directory allows students and faculty to obtain detailed information on training resources, opportunities to receive training in empirically supported treatments, and clinical research opportunities. We have sought to minimize the cost to students and in 2004 published the SSCP Internship Directory online so that students could have free access to this unique resource.
  5. SSCP facilitates communication among our members. Our website provides a clearing house of information to our members including links to other sites. The SSCP listserv (SSCPNET) allows members to have ongoing discussions regarding a wide range of issues involving training and research. These discussions often include key figures within unfolding national debates. The SSCP Newsletter Clinical Science (available to members on the web site) provides another forum for lively debates and the exchange of ideas.