Minutes of the August board meeting have been posted

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Minutes of June 2014 SSCP Board Meeting Posted

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The minutes of the June 2014 SSCP Board meeting have been posted here.

Call for Nominations for 2014 SSCP Election

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The Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology (SSCP) invites nominations for four positions for the SSCP Executive Board: President-Elect; Representative to the Board of Directors of Division 12; Member-At-Large; and Student Representative.

Descriptions of the duties of each position are listed below.

All terms of office will begin January 1, 2015. Please see our website for a list of current and past Board members.

•           The Presidential cycle is 3 years: 1 year each as President-Elect, President, and Past-      President.

•           The Representative to the Board of Directors of Division 12 is a 3-year term.

•           Each Member-At-Large and Student Representative serves a 2-year term.

Each candidate will be asked to submit a brief (~100-200 words) statement about their qualifications and their interest in running for a position on the SSCP Board. We will provide these statements to members with the election ballot.

NOTE: All SSCP members are invited to submit nominations for any position, but only full members are eligible to vote for SSCP President and Members-at-Large; only student members are eligible to vote for Student Representatives. Submit nominations, including self-nominations, to Michelle G. Craske ( by August 31, 2014, with "SSCP Nominations" in the Subject Line.

Nomination committee members:

•           Michelle G. Craske, Past President (Chair)

•           Bethany Teachman, President

•           Mitch Prinstein, Member-at-Large

•           Rosanna Breaux, Student Representative


Annual Duties for SSCP Board Members


Per the bylaws, "Perform such duties as are customarily incident to this office" (e.g., create ad hoc committees; appoint ongoing committee members and committee chairs, liaisons, Clinical Science Newsletter Editor, etc.; assign tasks to Board members). These duties include but are not limited to:

•           Determine meeting day/time of monthly Executive Board telephone meetings

•           Prepare agenda and lead discussion for monthly Executive Board telephone meetings – Chair annual meeting of members at APS or APA

•           Report on year's activities to members

•           Compile meeting notes as President-Elect

•           Oversee award processes (i.e., student poster competition at APS, Dissertation Awards, Distinguished Scientist Award, Outstanding Mentor Award)

•           Contribute two or more columns to newsletter, Clinical Science

Deliver Presidential Address at the APA or APS convention

•           Select Program Chairs for SSCP presentations at APS and APA and work with them on program (begin task as President-Elect; complete during Presidential year).

•           Head Nomination Committee for new officers (as Past-President)

Representative to the Board of Directors of the Division (must be a member of Society of Clinical Psychology (Division 12) of APA).

•           Perform the duties specified in Article V of the bylaws of Division 12

•           Serve on the Section's Executive Board

•           Submit a report on Section activities at each Division Board meeting

•           Submit a report following each Division 12 Board meeting to the Section’s Executive Board and newsletter editor.



•           Participate in monthly SSCP Executive Board telephone meetings

•           Oversee award processes (e.g., Early Career Researcher Award)

•           Perform duties as assigned (e.g., form and chair an ad-hoc committee on a particular topic or issue).


Student Representative

•           Participate in monthly SSCP Executive Board telephone meetings

•           Represent the opinions and interests of SSCP student members to the Executive Board

•           Advertise SSCP to potential student members

•           Report on student issues and initiatives at annual SSCP members meeting

•           Report on student issues and initiatives in the SSCP Newsletter, Clinical Science

•           Oversee the SSCP Student Website, listserv, and social media pages.


Minutes of the March and April Meetings of the SSCP Board Posted

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The minutes of the March and April meetings of the SSCP Board have been posted.

Connie Hammen Awarded SSCP's Lawrence H. Cohen Outstanding Mentor Award for 2014

posted Mar 26, 2014, 11:33 PM by SSCP Calendar

Dear all, 

On behalf of the SSCP Board, it is my distinct honor and pleasure to let you know that we have selected Connie Hammen, Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles, to receive the 2014 SSCP Lawrence H. Cohen Outstanding Mentor Award.

This award is given to an individual who has provided exceptional guidance to clinical psychology graduate students, interns, and/or postdoctoral fellows in clinical psychological science through leadership, role modeling, advising, supervision, instruction, advocacy, and other activities aimed at providing opportunities for scientific growth, professional development, and networking.

Please join me in congratulating Connie. 

Best regards,

Michelle G. Craske

Past President, SSCP 2014

Check out the SSCP/APS Psychological Science Job Mentorship Match program

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SSCP/APS Psychological Science Job Mentorship Match program: 

Minutes of February 2014 Board Meeting Posted

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The minutes of the SSCP Board's February 2014 meeting have been posted here.

The first round of findings of the Two-Way Bridge Initiative are now available

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Posted on behalf of Dr. Marvin Goldfried:

The Two-Way Bridge initiative is a collaboration between the Society of Clinical Psychology (Division 12 of the APA) and the Psychotherapy Division of the APA—Division 29. It is part of an overall effort to bridge the long-standing gap between psychotherapy research and practice. Specifically, the initiative provides a way for practicing therapists to be a part of the research process by disseminating their clinical experiences in using various empirically supported treatments, which can hopefully inform future research.

For the survey findings on the use of empirically supported treatments for panic disorder, social anxiety, and OCD, visit:

Minutes of January 2014 SSCP Board Meeting Posted

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The minutes of the January 22nd, 2014 SSCP Board meeting have been posted.

2014 Student Poster Award: Call for Submissions

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The 2014 SSCP Student Poster Award Competition will take place at the 26th

APS Annual Convention, May 22-25, 2013 - San Francisco, CA, USA

The Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology (SSCP) hosts an annual

student poster session at the APS Annual Convention.  Those receiving the

top award receive $200.  Winners of the "Distinguished Contributions" Award

receive $100.  A year complimentary membership in APS is also awarded to

winners in the two categories.  The number of awardees is at the discretion

of the reviewers.  The total amount of cash awarded in 2013 was $1,500.

To be eligible to submit an SSCP poster, the first author of the poster must

be a student and must be a member of SSCP at the time of submission.

Submissions to the SSCP student poster session must be completed by January

31, 2014.  You will also be contacted by email in April to submit a copy of

the final version of your poster by May 10, 2014.

The SSCP poster submission can be in any area within scientific clinical

psychology (e.g., the etiology or correlates of psychopathology,

assessment/diagnosis, clinical judgment, psychiatric classification,

psychotherapy process or outcome, prevention, psychopharmacology). The

research and analyses presented in the poster submission must describe

results (i.e., submissions containing such language as "Data will be

collected...." will not be considered). Please be sure to provide enough

relevant detail in the summary so that reviewers can adequately judge the

originality of the study, the soundness of the theoretical rationale and

design, the quality of the analyses, the appropriateness of the conclusions,

and so on.

If you have any questions please contact Dr. Varda Shoham  at or Dr. Thomas Olino at

Here is the link for those of you who are interested:

Registration Information:

More APS Convention Information:

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